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Sound Effects 4.6.2
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Sound Effects / Description

Play sound effects for every occasion! Is somebody talking too much in a meeting? Blow the Air Horn or Whistle and silence them! Did a friend just tell a funny joke? Play the laugh track or rim shot and show your support! The joke wasn't funny? Then boo them off the stage! This popular sound machine is perfect for having fun with friends or annoying family members. Soundboard includes over 50 effects and can be customized in every way!

- 50+ Stock Sounds with ability to add new sounds
- Playback and Mix multiple sounds at the same time
- Sound Board for custom layouts of sounds
- Sound Catalog for quick access to all sounds or favorites
- Sound Timers for playback of sounds after specified time limit
- Multiple layout sizes including Small Medium Large
- Multiple color themes including Modern Blue and Night
- Add new sound files by copying in new sound files into the SoundEffects folder
- Multiple sound formats supported including mp3 (8-320Kbps) wav (8/16 bit pcm 44khz) 3gp flac ogg (Vorbis) mp4/m4a (MPEG-4) aac (ADTS Raw AAC)
- Multitouch support: Move and play multiple sounds at same time even while switching pages
- Create new pages by dragging sound tiles off the right of screen of last page
- Use arrows to switch pages or use left/right swipe gesture on a free spot on the screen
- Optimized UI for Android Phones and Tablets


Air Horn Arrow Audience Baby Cry Baby Toy Bad Call Bark! Bell Bird Booo! Burp! Car Alarm Car Horn Censor Beep Chain Saw Cricket Dinosaur Roar Doorbell Drum Roll Explosion Fart! Game Buzzer Game Over Game Winner Glass Break Golf Clap Golf Swing Harp Horror Hottie! Insane Laugh Insert Coin Joke Kiss Laserbeam Laugh Track Lion Roar! Magic Mooo! Nose Oooooh! Phone Call Police Siren Quack! Record Scratch Rocket Launch Shotgun Slot Machine Slurp! Space Visitors Sword Toilet Flush Uzi Gun Warning Signal Whip Whistle Zipper


Tap a sound tile to play. Tap again to pause. You can drag the tiles into new positions when the board is unlocked. You may lock the tiles in place from the settings page. Swipe left or right or tap the next and previous buttons to change pages. You can even drag multiple tiles at the same time while navigating to other pages. If you want to rewind a sound that is paused just pick up the tile and shake it.


Scroll the list to get access to all your sounds. Tap the right arrow button next to the sound to toggle favorites and enable sound timers. Toggle the view between All Sounds and Favorites by tapping the view button located at the top right of screen.


Do you have a podcast show? This was actually built for use on the popular Tech 411 Show ( http://tech411show.com/ ) so you'll find the stock sounds on our board will compliment your Ustream TV or podcast show. And the ability to quickly import new sounds lets you add fresh content to the soundboard. Download free sound files from Internet websites or cloud services directly into the SoundEffects application. It's easy and fun to customize your sound effects board.


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Help instructions for downloading available in app help tips or at the following website:

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Sound Effects / What's New in v4.6.2

Support library updates and other updates to support the latest android versions.

Important note for those that use custom sounds: With android 11, storage access has changed. There is now a setting "Media Location" that when selected, will prompt you to select a directory in which you wish to import sounds from.

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