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Chipolo 4.10.0
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Get your Chipolo at chipolo.net/android
Have questions? We've got the answers! Contact our dedicated customer support via live chat or email on chipolo.net/support/android

Life is messy but finding your things doesn’t have to be.
Chipolo Bluetooth finders are designed to help you find your misplaced things in no time so you can leave your home without playing hide and seek with your keys phone car keys or wallet.
Attach Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose and make it ring with the Chipolo app on your phone.

RING your item with the Chipolo app or double click Chipolo to ring your phone.
TRACK your item to where you had it last via the Chipolo app.
BE ALERTED if you leave without your keys wallet or other item.

There’s more!
Chipolo item finders have additional features all designed to help you find your misplaced belongings as fast as possible.
Share your Chipolo with your loved ones through the Chipolo app and they can help you search for your misplaced keys with their phone too.
Use the Chipolo widget on your phone’s home screen. You don’t even need to open the Chipolo app to find your misplaced belongings.
Use the Chipolo as a wireless selfie button and take the perfect group selfie. No more awkward angles in your pics the Chipolo can take a photo for as long as it’s connected to your phone.
Use voice commands to find your Chipolo. Chipolo is officially supported by Google Assistant and you can also ring it with Amazon Alexa and Siri.
Other features include the worldwide community search different ringtones for your Chipolos and a web app where you can find your phone no matter where it was lost.

Chipolo ONE key finder
Ringtone – Up to 120 dB
Battery – 2 years replaceable battery
Range – Up to 200 ft (60 m)
Water resistant - Yes
Size - 149 in ø (379 mm ø) thickness 025 in (64 mm)

Chipolo CARD wallet finder
Ringtone – Up to 95 dB
Battery – 1 year non-replaceable battery
* included in the discounted Renewal program
Range - Up to 200 ft (60 m)
Water resistant - Yes
Size - 145 in x 267 in x 008 in (37 mm x 68 mm x 215 mm)

Chipolo uses location data to display the last known location of your Chipolo finder in the Chipolo app to trigger Out of Range Alerts on your phone and to display your phone's location in the Chipolo web app even when the app is running in the background.

Get your Chipolo at chipolo.net
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A new Dark mode so you can take it easy on your eyes at night or in low light.

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