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BKOOL Cycling 6.01
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Discover the ideal training option for cyclists and sports lovers. You can compete with our thousands of users around the world in real time. Get the most out of your Smart trainer with the BKOOL platform designed by and for cyclists.

The pandemic keeps you inside. Don’t give up on your sports dreams or fitness challenges. Our cycling simulator gives you the best workouts by providing a platform to compete with the world. The best indoor riding experience will help you achieve every target on your fitness calendar. Get fit enjoying


Feel the slope you face each time you pedal slipstream other cyclists and choose your terrain. Feel the wind and rain. BKOOL offers you the most realistic experience for your training. Make your home an athletic playground. Feel the rain sunshine and nature under your roof as we offer you the new virtual cycling resource helping you to lead a healthy life.

Choose to see your routes in real video uploaded by our users the most advanced 3D and your position on the map.


Each session in BKOOL can be different from those offered by other services like Rouvy and Zwift. Rethink your normal exercise routine and be Bkool. Challenge yourself to improve your times choose users you want to take on or do specific training thanks to our workouts. You choose your goal. Ours is that you improve your results. Start pedaling and improve your cycling training. Experience the new indoor cycling life with us.


BKOOL is compatible with the main training platforms. You can upload your sessions to Strava Training Peaks or Garmin. Get the best of indoor and outdoor riding without losing any data on your workout. You can use our professional analysis tool to see your evolution and detect what you want to enhance.


BKOOL Cycling is compatible with leading trainers by other manufacturers. Check those supported on our website.

Enjoy BKOOL Cycling train like never before have fun and improve with every ride.

Join the BKOOL community to improve your health and fitness in a realistic environment within the comfort of your home. It can act as a fitness coach for you. It is a different kind of workout that you have never experienced before. Train and track your body and fitness every day.

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BKOOL Cycling / What's New in v6.01

Breaking news about the latest version of BKOOL:
- We've brought back the carousels with recommended routes in the main menu. You now have direct access to the most spectacular BKOOL routes in video and 3D.
- New location for the main menu “PROMO” section.
- Usability improvements.
- Improvements in the experience of using GHOSTS, improving their accuracy.
- Addition of the ability to delete user preferences in the "About the app" section
- Bug fixes and stability improvements.

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