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HeroFi 1.5.1
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Start your adventure and win PvP tournaments for real prizes now! 🏆

It began in the fantasy world when the magical power was liberated and the One Above All throne was vacated. The war broke out between the gods who all were fighting to claim the crown. Become one of the gods defeat the opponents and recruit other heroes to truly become the One Above All.

💨Core Gameplay

HeroFi is a mobile aRPG game where you can build up a powerful army to fight in fierce battles. After winning each battle you can get a reward of collectible resources. These resources are used to craft valuable assets that could be exchanged for real money 💸 🎉
Joining the fantasy world of HeroFi you will have the chance to meet legendary heroes like Dragon Knight Phantom Slayer or Golem - the descendant of Titans. Recruit them all in your squad. Then level up your strategy skill while customizing the army. Each of them has a unique skill set that will be crucial for you to beat all the game challenges 🎮

💨HeroFi main features

***Epic Hero System***
- Over 30 Heroes & Soldiers from different fantasy lands
- 3 Hero types: Warrior Ranger Mage
- 6 class attributes: Fire Grass Thunder Water Dark Light
- Unique marriage system with new NFT child Heroes collectibles
- Complex upgrading system with star tiers and stats

***Great Equipment Inventory***
- Various Weapon & Item drop in every battle
- Significant stat bonus from each equipment
- Complex upgrading system for different weapon types and rarities

***Massive fantasy world with different modes***
- 4 modes to play: Campaign World Boss Arena and Tower
- Arena: Join PvP battles with valuable tournament rewards
- World boss: Team up with other players to defeat bosses
- Campaign: Over 100 challenging levels to explore

🎮Download and play HeroFi - the most arp game today to participate in conquering fascinating challenges.🤗
Share your experiences with playing this game we will listen to it and improve every day.
I hope you have fun and overcome the brain-damaging level in HeroFi 🥰

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HeroFi / What's New in v1.5.1

The changes in patch v.1.5.3.
1. Added a star-upgrading feature for Hero.
2. Adjusted some features of Tower Mode
3. More email types are supported and accepted by the system.

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