Hourly chime11.0.1 (Pro)

Hourly chime v11.0.1 (Pro)

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Hourly chime 11.0.1 (Pro)
Loading... Hourly chime 11.0.1 (Pro)
Loading... Hourly chime 11.0.1 (Pro)
Loading... Hourly chime 11.0.1 (Pro)
Loading... Hourly chime 11.0.1 (Pro)

Hourly chime / Description

Advanced hourly chime (hourly alert hourly beep hourly reminder hourly signal) for time tracking and time management.

App plays short sounds at selected time. You can download free chime sounds like cuckoo clock wall Big Ben etc. from Internet.

- select any hour or time span
- select minutes: 00 15 30 45
- individual volume level for each chime
- days of week (eg. Mon-Wed and Friday)
- chime in silent mode
- chime in vibrate mode
- vibration
- chime in wired headset mode
- chime in Bluetooth headset mode
- chime only when screen is on
- chime during phone call
- send notification to Android WEAR

Application has no ads.

What's more in PRO version:
- select any reminder minute (0-59)
- seconds support
- TTS (TextToSpeech) - speak time or any message that you set
- sunrise and sunset alarms (with dawn and dusk support)
- unlimited chime length
- widget to turn off chimes

1. Don't move application to SD Card - it won't work properly.
2. Disable battery saving mode for this app.

VIBRATE - vibrate during chime.
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - detect whether headset is connected.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - backup/restore settings play sounds located on external memory.
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - to set up chimes after phone start.
READ_PHONE_STATE - to detect incoming phone call and chime or not.
WAKE_LOCK - to wake device and play chime.
ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE INTERNET - Google Analytics Firebase Analytics.
ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - optionally used on Andorid 6+ devices to calculate sunrise/sunset time for current location. User has to grant application that permission. Otherwise applciaiton does not have access to GPS data

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Hourly chime / What's New in v11.0.1 (Pro)


Fixed playback of files located on external memory on Android 10 devices.

Application build targets Android 11 - changes in backup and restore.
Added option to set default TTS text for each chime definition (beside using default global).

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