Typing Hero: Text Expander0.4.32 (Premium)

Typing Hero: Text Expander v0.4.32 (Premium)

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Typing Hero: Text Expander 0.4.32 (Premium)
Loading... Typing Hero: Text Expander 0.4.32 (Premium)
Loading... Typing Hero: Text Expander 0.4.32 (Premium)
Loading... Typing Hero: Text Expander 0.4.32 (Premium)
Loading... Typing Hero: Text Expander 0.4.32 (Premium)

Typing Hero: Text Expander / Description

Over 73K small businesses worldwide use Typing Hero 101M+ times to save 10000+ hours in 2021

Text Expander

Do you type the same message all over again? 😣

Or switch between apps to find and copy the right template? 😖

Or fix typos again and again when writing your message? 😫

Get rid of those problems by using Text Expander. 🥳

It lets you create short keyword to write words phrases templates emoji or anything! 😎

You can save hours in the long run by creating a short keyword to write that lengthy weekly report email. 😌

Or save 30-60 seconds writing pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis by creating a short keyword. 🤯

You can also use it to:

📅 Insert current date and time

📌 Place cursor after using a template

📋 Insert text from the system clipboard

🔗 Reference other templates within a template

📝 Request user input using Form to fill the template

📞 Insert contact's information from Contacts book

Write anything without mistakes in seconds! 🤩


Do you often select or delete text when typing? 😵‍💫

Or move cursor to the start or end of a text field to fix mistakes? 🥴

Or deal with menu to copy or paste text? 😵

Or switch to calculator app to calculate price? 😬

Avoid the nuisance of doing those by using Action. 🥳

It lets you type keyword to perform certain action! 😎

You can use it to:

📝 Select delete or transform text

📌 Place cursor

📲 Interact with other apps through Android system

📋 Access system clipboard

🧮 Calculate simple mathematical expressions

Get things done in seconds! 🤩

Clipboard History

Do you use an app to create a history of text copied to system clipboard? 🫢

And switch between apps to copy and paste one of those text? 🫣

Simplify workflow by using Clipboard History 🥳

It lets you create a list of text copied using supported copy methods. 😎

You can paste text from Clipboard History using Action. 🤯

Do things in a simpler way! 🤩

⚠️ Important

🤾 All features requires Google Play Service to function

💳 You must have an active subscription or lifetime license to use all features

🦺 You can request a full refund within 7 (seven) days from the purchase date. No questions asked! Money-back guarantee!

🕵️ Typing Hero uses accessibility service to detect keyword and provide relevant functions

🤷 Typing Hero cannot detect keyword in incompatible apps. Use Snippet Copier to find and copy text when using incompatible apps. https://typinghero.app/docs/incompatible-apps

☎️ Contact Integration feature requires the read contact permission. Using this feature will request contact access permission.

✅ Text Expander
✅ Snippet Suggestion
✅ Snippet Copier
✅ Cursor Position
✅ Multiple Templates Snippet
✅ Folder
✅ Export to CSV
✅ Import from CSV
✅ Import from Texpand
✅ Date & Time
✅ Paste from Clipboard
✅ Copy to Clipboard
✅ Snippet Reference
✅ Form
✅ Contact Integration
✅ Action
✅ Clipboard History
✅ Clipboard Manager

Privacy policy: https://typinghero.app/privacy/
Documentation: https://typinghero.app/docs/
Contact: [email protected]

🇮🇩 Made in Jakarta Indonesia

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Typing Hero: Text Expander / What's New in v0.4.32 (Premium)

- credit alex.strannik
@Nocna Furia

🔥 Release #34 in 2022 (50+ in 2021)

✅ Support importing Snippets from TextExpander™
❌ Remove unmaintained Italian translation

✅ Share anonymous statistics (saved keystrokes) in Settings

🐛 Fix cursor location issue

✅ New Action under Clipboard category: Paste content from Clipboard but only keep numbers

Past releases: https://typinghero.app/changelog

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