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Medito: Meditation & Sleep v2.0.42

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Medito: Meditation & Sleep 2.0.42
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Loading... Medito: Meditation & Sleep 2.0.42
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ℹ️ For now the app is available in English only (Other languages coming soon)

100% Free Meditation App that will improve your 😇 Mental wellbeing with the help of 🧘 Guided Meditations Breathing Exercises Mindfulness Practices 🎶 Relaxing Sounds and more.

With our app’s holistic approach you can find guided and non-guided meditations from Medito Foundation and various other organizations such as UCLA; all of which are based on ancient as well as recent meditation techniques.
Just spend a few minutes per day on the app using the various features and discover the life-changing benefits positivity and transformative effects of meditation in your life.

The app is made with the aim to guide you towards a happier & healthier life with the help of various features present in it. This app from Medito Foundation will help everyone on their journey to practice gratitude manage anxiety and stress relax and find positivity.

About Medito Foundation:
Medito Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes - 'Meditation can positively transform lives and no one should have to pay for it'.
We want to help people cope better with depression stress anxiety and any other negative state of mind.
Practicing meditation and mindfulness is known to help reduce anxiety & stress enhance cognition attention & memory help you sleep better improve mental health focus and general wellbeing.

Prime Features:

📍Beginner and Intermediate Courses
🔸Beginner Course
The Beginner Course is carefully crafted for someone who has little or no meditation experience. Each session is designed to teach you the basics of mindfulness & meditation. These sessions include Mindfulness Vipassana Non-judgement Mindful living Science of meditation Negative emotions etc.

🔹Intermediate Course
These guided meditations are designed for anyone who has already learned the basics of mindfulness meditation and want to develop their practice further. The course will introduce concepts & philosophies that will help deepen the meditation practice. This course includes sessions on Spontaneity of thoughts Consciousness Anxiety & Stress management Minimal living Ego dissolution etc.

📍Daily Meditation
A different meditation session each day to help develop a greater sense of awareness in the present moment with options to choose from various session lengths background music etc.

📍Sleep Meditation Sleep Sounds & Sleep Stories
Good sleep is a cornerstone of wellbeing which helps to maintain the physical & mental health. The guided sleep meditations which include Mindful breathing Visualization Body Scan Sleep Stories as well as Mantra for sleep meditation will definitely ease you into a peaceful & restful sleep by calming down your mind and unifying your thoughts.

📍Meditation for Stress & Anxiety Management
The sessions which include labeling thoughts dealing with stressful situations negative emotions etc are designed to help you manage stress & anxiety. Mindfulness meditation can help in dealing with negative emotions by transforming the way we actually experience them which ultimately diminishes their power over us.

📍Meditation for Work Life Management
Meditation & mindfulness can have a transformative effect on all aspects of our lives. These sessions are specifically designed to help lead a happier and healthier work life. It covers topics such as managing conflict improving productivity and confidence staying focused & motivated while finding the perfect work-life balance.

Medito also includes a variety of other meditation content like - Breathing exercises Meditation timer Gratitude Mindful Routines Relaxing music etc.

If you have any questions please send an email [email protected] or via twitter @meditoHQ.

Medito Foundation

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Medito: Meditation & Sleep / What's New in v2.0.42

Fixed battery drain issue.
Fixed background sound volume issue.
Spotify won't pause Medito anymore.
Fixed a few other small bugs.

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