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PAYCO 3.33.0
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PAYCO / Description

PAYCO keeps track of your purchase history & membership points & coupon history in an all-in-one application!

▶ From shopping to benefits PAYCO is your total management service that keeps track of your purchase history and benefit points!
▶ Convenient for everyone you only need one PAYCO ID and your entire shopping is done!
▶ Various types of coupons are also available for your power savings!
▶ Save your time & energy by checking your order status whenever you want!

▶ PAYCO's Main Features:
- Store Events: Check new updates and events for all of PAYCO's partners
- Free Coupons: Download coupons provided by PAYCO's partners that have amazing benefits
- Easy Checkout: Reduce checkout time by using PAYCO's convenient credit card and phone payment method
- Earn Points: Use points you’ve earned through purchases at multiple retailers
- Manage Orders: Track shipping information and payment info for your purchases through PAYCO

▶Partner Stores
- Current: POPSHOES COMICO and TicketLink
- Expected: 1300K and much more partners to come!

▶ How to use PAYCO
Checkout using the PAYCO Easy Pay or PAYCO Checkout button at any PAYCO retailer (shopping mall) site
After completing your order open the PAYCO App or Website to manage order information and various benefits.

※ If you have installing or upgrading problems we recommend uninstalling the app and reinstalling.

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