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Widgetify / Description

Convert any web page into a home screen widget!

Be notified when its content is changed!

View all the web pages of your interest on the same screen!

Do not bother to visit every web page every time!

Virtually you do not need any other widget Apps!

Major Features
- Record clicks(touches) and replay them automatically
Just like macro the app pre-records user inputs and replays them automatically during update process.
Use this feature to capture a part of the web page which is only visible after user interactions.

- Notify changes of the web page
You will be notified when the ratio of change between updates is larger than the specified value.
This can be done even for one pixel change. (Specify 0%!)

- Support Desktop Mode and resizing viewport
Use Desktop Mode or resize viewport to capture in wider view.

- Capture schedules and conditions
You can specify an interval or absolute time slots of running captures.
Conditions of battery level mobile network use charging state also can be configured.

- Dark Theme (Android 10+)
You can capture the target web page in dark theme.
The app itself also supports dark mode.

- User Javascript execution
For advanced users the app can execute a Javascript code to process the web page just before capturing.

- Separate Do-Not-Disturb settings for each widget
You can set up a black-out period of notification for each widget instance.
Only be notified for important web pages!

- Various sizes and styles
You can change frame or title bar style of each widget.
All possible widget sizes are supported as small as 1x1.

- More features
For more features or trouble shooting refer in-app help page or visit following site.

You should not depend on this app to obtain critical information.
We are not responsible for any kind of damages caused by a failed update.
Please be advised that too frequent updates can cause excessive battery or network use.

- optional: Background Location Access (for some location-accessing Web Sites)
- optional: Draw over Other Apps (only for devices before Oreo due to buggy behaviors of some old devices)

For Ads Version
The app includes ads but has no limitation in feature-wise.
We have no active plan of making a paid version. But if you want one please let us know via e-mail.

Homepage and Contact
App Homepage: https://binarysmith.com/app/WebClipWidget
Suggestions or Bugs: [email protected]

Version History
1.2a - App Renamed "remove html element" feature added
1.0a - Initial Release

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Widgetify / What's New in v1.8.27.1a

Image Effect (Postprocessing)
Click/Anchor Tolerance Adjustment
Bug Fixes
See “what's new” in the “Widgetify Manual” menu.

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