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Data Usage Tracker v1.0.4

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Data Usage Tracker 1.0.4
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Data Usage Tracker / Description

My Data Usage Monitor is a wholesome mobile data tracker. A highly efficient data manager app that helps you keep tabs on your Mobile/Wi-Fi/Roaming data consumption in real time. Now know how much data you have been using up regularly through our data tracker app.

Supervise your mobile data plans keep a check on your mobile data usage curb your rising mobile data usage costs constrain your over usage of mobile data and cap your roaming mobile data usage charges with My Data Usage Monitor app.

Quickly examine which of the android apps on your mobile device are depleting your data sooner than other apps. Install our high performing data monitor app to restrict your mobile data usage and make savings on your wallet.

Essential features

#1 Real Time
A diligent app that gives you instantaneous updates about your mobile data usage so you are aware of the data squandering. Stay informed about your mobile data exhaustion with our data tracker app.

#2 Know Active Interfaces
A data monitor app that helps you know which one of the three interfaces – mobile data / wireless internet / roaming data is active and drains your data. Having an ongoing record of your data usage helps in managing it more coherently.

#3 Data Tracker
A brilliant data tracker app that gives you insights into the android apps that are using up most of your data. Having this information helps you manage apps that are eating away your data plans.

#4 Visualizes Data Usage
A convenient app that visualizes your data usage statistics. Understanding your data usage pattern is easier with our data usage tracker app through the graphic data displays.

#5 Data Warnings
A vigilant app that spots apps on your device that are exceedingly consuming your data and alerts you before you run out of it. Timely alerts save your device from unwanted data draining and over usage data charges too.

#6 Custom Notifications
A highly productive app that enables you to set custom notifications so you don’t cross the data usage limits you have set for yourself and aids you in conserving data. Whether you are browsing or in the middle of a game online My Data Usage Monitor app will warn you regarding your data drying up.

#7 Manage Data
An app that helps you in managing your mobile data plans effectively. Install the data manager app on all the android devices you have at home to make more savings on your mobile data bills.

#8 Free Download
My Data Usage Monitor app is absolutely free for download. Yes you heard us right! monitoring and controlling your data usage comes with no price tag. Stay relieved about your monthly mobile data expenditure here onwards.

Whether you are a user with a limited data plan or a binge data user having an unlimited plan on your device still our data usage tracker app helps you manage your data usage activity and meanwhile save some time and money.

Why wait? Install My Data Usage Monitor app now to maximize your data usage and minimize your data charges!

Our app works great with these networks around the world: AT&T Verizon T-Mobile Sprint U.S. Cellular China Mobile Vodafone Airtel Vivo TIM Claro Orange SFR SK Telecom NTT Docomo EE O2etc.

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