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MActivePro 1.2.5_beta_8
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MActivePro / Description

The application can record steps sleep calories exercise data wearable device functions etc.

1) It can accurately record your steps distance calories burned and historical sleep statistics.

2) It can accurately record the pace time distance and trajectory of each exercise.

3) Use smart devices to monitor the time of wakefulness light sleep and deep sleep every night. After synchronizing the APP you can count historical sleep data and analyze the comparison of sleep patterns in the past 7 days.

4) After the smart device Bluetooth watch is connected to the APP it can receive incoming calls text messages and application notification reminders. :
Our smart wearable watch is not a medical device so the heart rate data is for reference only and cannot be used as a basis for medical diagnosis.
APP related permissions description:
1: APP can push the notification bar messages (such as incoming calls and text messages) of the application to the smart Bluetooth watch (watch model: G98 UW200 Watch7 series). You need to use the call history call status contacts and SMS permissions for general purposes to push the SMS calls and other notifications received by the APP to the smart Bluetooth watch simultaneously so as to bring a more convenient experience for users.
2: When using SMS and call related permissions APP will first apply for SMS and call related permissions from the user. These functions can only be used normally after the user agrees otherwise the APP will quit and cannot be used;
3: APP uses location (GPS positioning) authority to record the user's movement track (operation) data. In addition some mobile phones with Android 6.0 and above require location permission when searching for Bluetooth devices. When using the location permission "use" the APP will be applicable to the user otherwise the APP will not be able to use the corresponding function;

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MActivePro / What's New in v1.2.5_beta_8

1. Optimize sleep statistics;
2. Optimized data such as step counting and calories cannot be synced to Apple Health;
3. Adapt to new equipment;
4. Optimize the firmware upgrade problem of some devices;
5. Repair APP sports - no step count data problem;
6. Change the prompt copy of firmware upgrade/dial push;
7. Optimized the logic of synchronizing data for some devices;

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