Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG4.2.2 (AdFree)

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG v4.2.2 (AdFree)

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Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)
Loading... Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG 4.2.2 (AdFree)

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG / Description

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Bugjaeger tries to give you the expert tools used by Android developers for better control and deep understanding of your Android device internals.

Multitool that can save you the hassle of carrying a laptop.

If you're an Android power user developer geek or hacker this app should be in your toolkit.

How to use
1.) Enable developer options and USB debugging on your target device (https://developer.android.com/studio/debug/dev-options)
Note: On Huawei devices you might first need to turn on USB tethering before you enable USB debugging

2.) Connect the device where you've installed this app to the target device via USB OTG cable

3.) Allow the app to access USB device and make sure target device authorizes USB debugging

Inspecting device internals running shell scripts checking logs making screenshots sideloading and many more tasks that are normally done on your laptop can now be performed directly between 2 mobile devices.

This app works as sort of Android to Android ADB (Android Debug Bridge) - it offers some features similar to ADB (Android Debug Bridge) but instead of running on your development machine it runs directly on your Android device.

You connect your target device through USB OTG cable or through WiFi and you'll be able to play around with the device.

ADB protocol is supported also by Android devices other than phones & tablets. That means that you should also be able to control your Android TV Wear OS watch or even Raspberry Pi with Android Things OS and Oculus VR.

Main features
- running shell scripts on target device
- sideload regular/split APKs (e.g. to Oculus Quest VR)
- sideload/flash AOSP images (e.g. Android Preview on Pixel)
- remote interactive shell
- mirroring screen
- reading filtering and exporting device logs (logcat)
- pull APK files
- ADB backups inspecting and extracting content of backup files
- screenshots
- performing various ADB commands for controlling your device (rebooting going to bootloader rotating screen killing running apps ...)
- uninstalling and installing packages checking various details about installed apps
- copying apps between phones
- monitoring the processes showing additional information related to processes killing processes
- showing various details about Android version(e.g. SDK version Android ID..) Linux kernel cpu abi display
- showing battery details (like e.g. temperature health technology voltage..)
- file management - pushing and pulling files from device browsing the file system
- search and connect to Android devices on your network that configured adbd to listen on port 5555
- reading bootloader variables & info via fastboot protocol (e.g. dump some hw info security state or if the device was tampered)
- exec fastboot commands

For some tricks and examples of what you can do see

For starting a youtube video or url in browser add following custom command (or paste this into shell) in the first tab

am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d "yt_url"

If you liked this app check out the ad-free premium version which also contains additional features

- Enabled USB debugging in Developer options and authorise the development device
- Fastboot protocol support

Please note
This app uses the normal way of communicating with Android devices which requires authorisation.
The app does not bypass Android's security mechanisms or anything similar!
This means you won't be able to do some privileged tasks on non-rooted devices.

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Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - USB OTG / What's New in v4.2.2 (AdFree)

- cenzo

credit cenzo
@Nocna Furia

- fixed pairing input notification after upgrading target SDK to 32
- improvements in pairing dialog
- improvements in shell
- other bug fixes and ANR fixes

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