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Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou v1.4.1

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Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1
Loading... Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou 1.4.1

Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou / Description

Free Habit Tracker app by HabitYou. Add unlimited habits for free set reminders mark habits track streaks earn medals. Your daily journal bullet points and day planner. Create to-do list for your activity tracker. HabitYou helps you meet life goals.

HabitYou Habit Tracker and Journal helps to
* Learn Good Habits: Start healthy habit of self-care self improvement and productivity
* Break Bad Habits: Quit bad habit which affects your mental health mindfulness and self-esteem

Life Goal Tracker for
* Health and Fitness: Habit Tracker to improve your physical health. Quit smoking tracker Quit alcohol to do Weight Loss tracker Exercise planner Drink water reminders Diet journal bullet points
* Mindfulness and Care: Calm habit tracker to help you in mindfulness self care. Yoga tracker 5 minute Meditation to do list Better Sleep tracker Think positive affirmations Write gratitude journal
* Hobbies and Interests: Free Habit Tracker and Journal for learning hobbies. Activity tracker to improve productivity.
* Social and Relationships Goal tracker: Your journey to self care and happiness. Add notes to personal diary.
* Chores and Home: Increase productivity by tracking daily chores in free habit tracker app. Shopping To-do list Family task planner and activity tracker.
* Career and Education: Build habits for success by staying organized at work. Learn new work skill Work goal to-do list Schedule Planner projects task planner Work Goal Tracker

Activity Tracker and schedule planner with reminders
* Fixed Weekdays Habit tracker: Planner for specific days of the week. Add notes and to do list to journal and stay on track.
* Flexible Days Habit tracker: Activity Tracker for flexible days in a week or month. Create To-Do list and set reminders to meet life goals.

HabitYou has productivity tools for healthy habit tracking and life goal planner
* Habit Tracker: Track unlimited habits for free and create your goal tracker
* Journal: Create an independent private diary log for productivity self-care and meeting life goals
* Notes: Add images and notes to your everyday habit tracker and create a beautiful journal bullet points
* To Do List: Create a checklist activity tracker. Organise your schedule with simple to-do list
* Daily schedule planner: Plan your day with task planner and habits in a weekly planner and activity tracker
* Daily Count and time spent: Track daily value for everyday healthy habits and see progress in graph.
* Set unlimited reminders for all your tasks and habits

Get productivity insights for habits to-do list and life goal tracker
* Streaks: Current streak longest streak for your self-care habits.
* Habit Graphs: Progress for tracking productivity and goal setting
* Life Goal Dashboard: Unified view of habit tracker and life goal tracker
* Auto-created journal: Notes to do list of habits and tasks gets added to journal bullet points
* Habit Monthly spread in calendar view and daily journal style for activity tracker

HabitYou will help you to be happy stay calm strengthen relationships boost self-esteem life goal setting get career success. It helps to overcome stress anxiety depression negativity fear. Just create tasks in to-do list and track progress in self-care journal.

Free tier of Habit Tracker app and Planner allows to create unlimited habits and journal notes. Users can join HabitYou Club by paying monthly or yearly subscription.

HabitYou paid members can:-
1. View older journal notes
2. Create unlimited journal bullet points and diary
3. Mark habit older than 2 days in habit tracker
4. Backup habit tracker and journal data to Google drive
5. Star mark notes to do list
6. First access to upcoming features like: Group habit tracker Day planner with todo list etc

Privacy https://habityou.com/privacy-policy/
Terms https://habityou.com/terms-of-service/

Mail us on [email protected]

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Habit Tracker Planner HabitYou / What's New in v1.4.1

* Launching Learn section. Learn how to build great habits and get motivated from daily inspiration stories and quotes.
* Journals: Create unlimited journals with Notes, ToDo, Links, Story for your Diary, Work, Travel Plan, Project, Hobby
* Star your Journal posts
* Plan your Life Goals with Habit Tracker and Bullet Journal
For any queries please mail to [email protected]

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