Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro2.14.51 (Paid)

Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro v2.14.51 (Paid)

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Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)
Loading... Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)
Loading... Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)
Loading... Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)
Loading... Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)
Loading... Sleep Faster, Meditation Pro 2.14.51 (Paid)

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👉The white sounds heard around our lives include the sound of rain waterfalls waves sound the sound of streams and the sound of branches in the wind. These sounds are familiar sounds that we usually listen to so even though they may sound like noise they are heard without much sound or psychological awareness. Also I feel stable because it is a natural sound that I have always heard. Moreover through the white tones of nature we feel a sense of protection that we are surrounded by the surrounding environment as a member of the universe allowing listeners to relieve the feeling of silence de-audibly.
After years of various experiments we found that noise can be medicine. First of all I listened to the white noise about 10 decibels higher than the usual ambient noise at the office without anyone knowing. After spending a week the number of chatter and unnecessary body movements decreased significantly while on duty. A month later when we turned off white noise we were bored with each other and the concentration of work dropped significantly—in other words having some degree of white noise rather than no white noise has increased the book's efficiency.
In summer setting up a tent on the beach makes you feel relaxed and cheerful in the sea breeze but you get a night of deep sleep at the sound of breaking waves. In particular in Japan the sound of waves on Okinawa Beach is sold on CDs and it is said to be very popular for citizens to sleep well when resting in sleeping capsules in the city. This is because the white noise hidden in waves' sound stabilizes the mind and body and promotes sleep.
Also if students hear the white tones of nature the learning effect will be greatly improved. In Nowon-gu Seoul a moisturizer institute conducted an English word memorization test for male and female middle school students. Depending on the usual condition and the condition when the white notes were played a completely new high school sophomore-level English word was memorized for five minutes with a 35.2 percent improvement in academic performance compared to expected.
Another experiment showed how concentration improves when you hear white noise in the reading room. While attaching a device that generates white noise on each desk they compared the number of times they turn their heads to the next seat or pay attention to their surroundings on an hourly basis. In this case the number of people interested in the area decreased by about 22 percent when white noise was heard.
We observed changes in concentration when we heard the natural sounds around us in another experiment. They played various sounds around them on a five-minute basis and attended their body movements while studying by age groups such as teenagers 20s and 30s. Blood experimenters in their teens and 20s preferred the sound of relatively wide sound waves such as the sound of water dripping from mineral springs and the sound of showers when their concentration increased. Meanwhile people in their 30s preferred the sound of white noise such as the sound of small rain or the sound of a large stream while increasing their work concentration.
On the other hand if a newborn baby under three to four months old cries would the baby be able to relax if he recorded the heartbeat breathing and the voices of his mother and father that he might have heard during his fetal life? However the experiment showed that the baby was getting more anxious and crying for his mother's embrace.
At this time when you make a squeaking noise from an empty channel on TV the crying baby stops crying quickly and finds stability. Some parents say that the crying baby has found peace after hearing the vacuum cleaner's sound and that the baby makes a bright face when he/she makes a rustling sound while touching a soft plastic bag. The sound of soothing newborn babies is also a kind of artificially created white noise.

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- ★ Untouched Paid apk with Original Hash Signature
★ Certificate MD5 digest: f6396177157089688b3c0b26c0c5166f
★ No changes were applied
➡ Languages: Full Multi Languages
➡ CPU architectures: Universal
➡ Screen DPIs: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi


2.14.40 Campfire movie(WiFi) & sound(Non-WiFi) added
2.14.25 Beach movie(WiFi) & sound(Non-WiFi) added
2.14.22 Terms of service added
2.14.18 Sleep hygiene added
1.2.5 The sound fades out and the screen dims when the timer is over.
1.2.3 Add 6 types of meditation music and timers
1.2.2 Free users can also listen to the endless loop sound.
1.2.2 Premium subscription added
1.2.1 Birds sound added.
1.1.2 Dryer sound added.
1.1.1 Streamflow sound added.
1.1.0 Rainfall sound added.

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