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Igneous - IDE for Java v0.98

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Igneous - IDE for Java 0.98
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Loading... Igneous - IDE for Java 0.98
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Loading... Igneous - IDE for Java 0.98
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Igneous - IDE for Java / Description

Igneous is an advanced IDE to develop and run Java on the go.
Wrapped in a vast amount of features and tailored to match productive efficiency while operating in both offline and fast manners.

Boost your productivity with the help of Igneous's automation tools multi-threading performance-wise editor to deal with your most tedious code editing tasks alongside OpenJDK Hotspot Virtual Machine implementation embedded in the back-end and ported to your device.

Java 9 support. Compile and run your programs offline; directly on your device.

Process management. Run multiple Java processes at once. Every process can be terminated separably while keeping other processes alive.

Reliable Editor. Rich code editor which is capable of handling editing and styling an unlimited number of lines without any performance drawback.

Real time synchronization. Any external modification of your project files is automatically detected and instantly applied.

Process lifetime. Find the running processes in the notification manager as they are retained even if the application goes to background or stops.

Smart code assistant. Choose from quick suggestions as you type; autocomplete your code fragment by selecting the proper result. Igneous rely on a smart and efficient analyzer to filter out irrelevant suggestions and provide precise results.

Error diagnostic. Inspect errors and warnings immediately in the editor through the classical underlining accompanied by an overlaid message shown upon selection.

Package explorer. Create edit and manage your projects throughout the package explorer in which your workflow is visually tracked and synchronized.

Find Tool. Search anywhere in your project use filters for narrowing your search results and switch your search scope to classes text or files.

Quick Documentation. View Javadocs for any class variable or method signature through the editor's native documentation popup.

Git. Swiftly clone and checkout your favorite Java repository in just a few clicks.

Maven. Automate your building process and easily manage your project's dependencies using the fully integrated Maven plugin.

JShell. Run Java snippets on the go without the hassle of adding any additional code to your project.

Dark Theme. Diligently crafted theme to comfort your development journey in low-light environments.

In Progress:
• Git & Gradle integration
• Debugger

Java is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All other brands or product names are the property of their respective holders.

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Igneous - IDE for Java / What's New in v0.98

Thanks for choosing Igneous!

Release notes:
• Gradle Support.
• New Addons are added.
• Added Latin Spanish translation.
• Major performance improvements and bug fixes.

Yet more to come, stay tuned!

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