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Notepad++ Editor / Description

Notepad++ is a lightweight fast stable and full featured text editor C++ C# Java XML Javascript Markdown PHP Perl Python Ruby Smali Swift etc and all language code in the world
Application is best code editor for learning another programming too.

Core Feature
★ File management: App’s core purpose involves the access editing and management (including maintenance) of files and folders outside of its app-specific storage space
★ Please grant permission MANAGE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE in Android "R" (Android 11) to access editing and management of files and folders outside app-specific storage space.

Main Features
★ High performance with no lag even on large text files
★ Support view/ edit large file
★ Display multiple tabs to easily edit files.
★ Show or hide line numbers.
★ Undo and redo when edit without limit.
★ Smooth scrolling with large file.
★ Physical keyboard support additional support key combinations.
★ Syntax highlighting for over 200 languages (Kotlin SQL NodeJS C# C++ Java JavaScript HTML CSS JavaScrip Markdown PHP Perl Python Lua Dart etc).
★ Quick search with regex
★ Auto save when application exit
★ Easy create file edit file delete file
★ Support File Explorer
★ Easy setting to custom editor with your favorite


• The customized IDE for Kotlin.
• All Basic and Custom Tags Support.
• Kotlin text editor with custom text editor support.
• Learn Kotlin with Simple UI Editor.

• PHP Editor with all supported PHP tag.
• Quick Syntax Highlights.

• Notepad++ is both Simple and Advanced NodeJS Editor.
• Supports External NodeJS Libraries.
• Best NodeJS Practice Editor.

And more language EDITOR

Thanks for using application

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Notepad++ Editor / What's New in v2022030623r

1. Clear cache build aab files
2. Update policy storage access.

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