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Yandex.Disk 5.33.1
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Yandex Disk is a convenient and reliable cloud for storing all of your photos videos and documents. Your files are safe with Yandex Disk thanks to the built-in virus scanning and encryption which can be used at any time on any device.

— 5 GB free
All new Yandex Disk users get 5 GB of free space. And with Yandex 360 Premium plans you can add up to an additional 3 TB of space.

— Automatically upload photos and videos from your phone
There's no need to deal with files manually: they can be immediately uploaded to the cloud. You won't lose your albums or videos even if something happens to your phone.

— Any device
There's no need to transfer pictures and documents through third-party services. Yandex Disk is always available wherever your are: on your computer on your phone on your tablet. Just install the free app.

— Smart search
Search any word such as "Passport" or "Cat" and Yandex Disk will find all related images.

— Easy to share
Share vacation photos or work folders with a link. Create links to spreadsheets documents or presentations and send them in a messenger or by e-mail.

— Video meetings by link
With Yandex Telemost you can arrange work conferences and family chats. Make video calls on any device with no time restrictions. Organize calls directly in the Yandex Disk app without having to switch to Zoom Skype WhatsApp or any other services.

— Unlimited storage for photos and videos from your phone with Yandex 360 Premium plans.

Yandex Disk is a Russian cloud-based file storage similar to Dropbox Google Drive and iCloud. Data is stored in multiple copies in different data centers in Russia so you'll always have access to your files.

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Обновили Сканер:
теперь можно собрать несколько страниц документа в один файл.
Для этого отсканируйте первую страницу,
затем нажмите кнопку «Ещё страница».
Готовый PDF-файл сохраните в Яндекс.Документах
или отправьте коллегам и друзьям.

Never miss an important message while you're working in Yandex.Disk. When you receive a new message, the app shows a red dot on the More button at the bottom of the screen. Click it to see how many unread emails you have waiting for you, displayed right there on the Yandex.Mail icon.

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