Toki Toki Video Player1.8 (Pro)

Toki Toki Video Player v1.8 (Pro)

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Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)
Loading... Toki Toki Video Player 1.8 (Pro)

Toki Toki Video Player / Description

Toki Toki Video Player is a great app to enhance your video experience. You can watch videos as well as listen to music without interruption. Music Player offers the most advanced features for listening to your favourite music. Video Player offers functionality with on-screen player support. Improve your experience with a modern audio player User's can play music with drive mode autoplay music when you plug in your earphones or connect headphones or Bluetooth speakers watch songs change awesome themes gapless playback Full-screen mode snowfall effect etc.

★ Tiki Tiki Video Player
All videos are automatically sorted in descending order according to the modified date. You can also change the video configuration to the corresponding folders in which they are saved. Create a playlist of videos you watch frequently.

The modern Tuk Tuk Video Player app supports all video formats for playing videos such as .mp4 .mkv .avi .mov .flv etc. You can play the video in the background as well as in the picture.

Toki Toki Video Player app will automatically identify your local storage and all video subtitle files available on the SD card. You can find specific videos by typing the name in the search box.

While watching the video you are allowed to control the volume brightness and play progress. You can play/pause/mute forward/backwards screen lock increase/decrease video speed and change screen rotation while watching videos.

★ Music Player
Songs will be managed by albums artists songs folders and playlists. You can see a list of most played songs last added songs and play history.
Like the other music player apps you can play songs in the background activate drive mode whenever you travel and shuffle all songs.

Change the look and feel
Set a colorful theme
When you set up a custom wallpaper its colors dominate the entire UI theme and the colors spread across the UI according to the wallpaper.

Now Playing
On the current playing song screen you can.
Change the default user interface to various other screens such as Circle Card Blur Adaptive Classic Flat Material Gradient and many more.
Enable the snowfall effect.
Change the design of the play button to circular.
Swipe anywhere on the screen to change songs.
Swipe the artist's image to change the lyrics.
Change the album cover theme to give it a sleek look.
Add extra buttons to the mini player to change songs.
Add volume controller and view song information.

Personalize your experience by enabling full-screen mode.
Choose any album cover to set on albums and artists.

Audio Settings
You can set a crossfade between tracks from the setting. When the song is about to end you can set a new one at the usual difference of a few seconds and change the next immediately.
Use the equalizer to modify various effects like the bass effect.
Turn on autoplay when you plug in your earphones headphones or Bluetooth speakers.

Blacklist & whitelist
You can remove songs from the library or hide them from application folders.
In Whitelist mode you can only view and play songs available in the Music folder.

Other Settings:
Share songs as you share stories on Facebook Instagram and Whatsapp.
Search by typing the name of any song in the search box.
Mark your favourite songs and see them all in the Favorites option.
See the full lineup of previous and subsequent songs on Your device.

★ Get unlimited access to all premium tools of Video Player application.
Get the ad-free version of the app
Apply pro themes throughout the application
Set pro themes on the music player

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Toki Toki Video Player / What's New in v1.8 (Pro)

- Mod Info:
๏ Pro Features Unlocked
๏ AOSP Compatible (No Google)
๏ Multi Languages
๏ CPUs: universal
๏ Debug Info Removed


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