Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS3.7.7 (Premium)

Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS v3.7.7 (Premium)

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Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)
Loading... Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS 3.7.7 (Premium)

Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS / Description

Everything you need for your upcoming motorcycle trip. The Motorcycle App that automatically detects accidents and sends an alarm to you Emergency Contacts with the accidents time and position. No more expensive GPS hardware needed use Detecht for easy and accurate tracking and navigation. Add your motorcycle bike accessories and connect with other bikers. Plan upcoming motorcycle trips add multiply waypoints choose between different roads between two waypoints and add your planned gas stops along the way. Plan and track your motorcycle rides in an app developed only for bikers and give your loved ones peace of mind!

Detecht Features - everything you need for your motorcycle rides!

Crash Detection
The app detects accidents through analyzing driving data and changes in the smartphone’s accelerometer gyroscope magnetometer and GPS. As a motorcyclist you deserve to feel safe while riding the same goes for your loved ones!

Emergency Contacts
Choose your personal Emergency Contacts. They will automatically get an emergency text message with your name and exact location in case of an accident. They can in turn alarm authorities and keep you safe.

Track Navigate and Save Routes
Plan and track your routes and add as many stops and POIs as you like. Ride with our turn-by-turn navigation or voice guidance. Create personal routes that you can save and share to our motorcycle community on social media or among friends. Discover amazing new routes through the Explore Routes feed! Favorite mark routes to save them and ride them later on while Detecht’s alarm features keep you safe during the ride.

Driving Statistics
With Detecht’s Safety and GPS navigation app you will be able to go back and see your driving data. You will get driving statistics on a weekly monthly and yearly basis to be able to compare from year to year month to month etc. Compare distance speed and time with the motorcycle community and your friends.

Create and customize your profile. Upload images of your motorbike and important information about your bike(s) such as brand model model year cc and distance.

Experience our motorcycle community where you can get in contact with like minded riders from all over the world. Find new friends or add your current riding friends and start a conversation with our in-app chat.

Background tracking
Some phone models have problems running the GPS in the background which is important for the automatic emergency alarm and GPS Tracking to work. This is due the phone manufacturers hard battery regulations turn of battery optimization and then allow Detecht to work in the background will usually solve these problems. This applies for example to some models from OnePlus Huawei and Samsung. Visit https://dontkillmyapp.com for more information and solutions. Otherwise reach out to us at: [email protected] and we will help you solve it.

Detecht offer one premium subscription with three different periods 1 month 6 months and 12 months. The subscriptions include full access to Turn-by-turn navigation Safety Tracking up to 5 Emergency Contacts GPX Export and some new upcoming features!

Terms of use: https://detechtapp.com/terms-of-use

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Detecht - Motorcycle App & GPS / What's New in v3.7.7 (Premium)


New Premium Feature - Curvy Roads:
Plan new adventures with the curvy roads option!
New Feature - Auto-Pause:
No more unintentional tracking during your breaks. Auto-pause is here to have your tracked rides resembling the actual route.
New Feature - Sharing Planned Route:
You can now share a planned route to your friends directly in the app!

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