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Music Lab Plus 6.2.7
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Music Lab Plus / Description

Music Lab Plus is based not only on artists or albums but also on the folder structure. Music Lab will guide you to find all the music files in seconds.

Advanced Audio Editor
* Supports audio recording and importation as well as generating and previewing audio waves for a single or multiple audio files.
* Basic audio editing operations such as volume adjustment tempo or pitch adjustment and copying and deleting audio are supported.
* Enhances audio with one or more special effects such as music style sound field equalization sound effect fade-in/out voice changer effect sound effect and scene effect.
* Voices may be altered and even distorted with the following effects: Expert Chipmunks Women Men and Monster.

Separates Audio Sources
* The human voice accompaniment drum sound violin sound bass sound piano sound acoustic guitar sound electric guitar sound stringed instrument sound brass stringed instrument sound lead vocalist voice and accompaniment with the backing vocal voice are all included.

Equalizer with great sound and Visualizers
This Player with bass boost reverb effects etc. the built-in equalizer and advanced visualizers will enhance your music listening experience. The unique equalizer and visualizers make your music sounds more professional. You are free to control the music style now. One of the most gorgeous and powerful music players for Android!

Space Render
An audio file is given spatial audio. Fixed position (specifying the location of audio in a specific space) dynamic rendering (specifying the position of audio time for audio circling for a round and direction to which audio circles in a specific space) and extension are all supported rendering types (specifying the radius and angle).

Personalized User Interface
Enjoy your music with 8 different changeable 'Song Playing Screen' styles Music Player is a perfect choice. You can also choose a color theme or player theme you like in this MP3 player.

Audio Format Conversion
Converts audio format to MP3 WAV or FLAC.

Main Key Features of Music Lab Plus

* Support all the most popular music file formats.
* Sleep Timer.
* Advanced Audio Editor.
* Extract Instruments.
* Extract Vocals/Music.
* Space Render.
* Metadata Editor (Tags Editor).
* Audio trimmer.
* Audio Format Conversion.
* Browse and play your music by albums artists songs playlists and folders.
* 8 different Changeable 'Song Playing Screen' styles.
* Dark theme and UI customizability.
* Powerful equalizer Bass Boost 3D Surround Sound. You can also use your external Equalizer for the best audio quality. More than 5+ pre-set music tone styles for your choice (Normal Classic Dance Folk...).
* Custom tone music style and manually adjust the equalizer.
* Gestures for track switching in 'Song Playing Screen'.
* Online lyrics finder.
* Support notification status: show album artwork play/pause skip forward in notification status.
* Headset support.
* Easy SEARCH. Finding all your local music files has never been so easy.
* Change the order of playing the songs ( You can change the order of playing the song after adding it to the queue and playlist.).
* Auto generated three A.I. Playlists. ( 'Last Added Songs' 'Recently Played' 'My Favorite Songs' )
* Create and edit playlists.
* Headset/Bluetooth Controls.
* Customizable start page (The start page to be displayed on launch will vary depending on the option you choose. Options: Songs list Album lists Artists Lists and Last Open. ).

* Hope everybody can enjoy the different music play experiences. *

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Music Lab Plus / What's New in v6.2.7

- Advanced Audio Editor:
* Extract Instruments (NEW).
* Extract Vocals / Music (NEW).
- Minor bug fixes.

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