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EWA: Learn English & Spanish v7.8.0

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EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0
Loading... EWA: Learn English & Spanish 7.8.0

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Improve your English Spanish French German or Italian skills with EWA! Our unique teaching methodology consists of topic-based online courses to boost grammar movie & tv show snippets to improve speaking & reading abilities and bestselling books with audio to drastically increase vocabulary.

Why learning a new language with EWA is great?

👩‍🏫 Online Speaking Courses

Online courses are what most of our users love.

It’s fun it’s exciting and it’s the most efficient way to boost your speaking skills — you will talk just like a native using all the complex new words and phrases that you will acquire while using EWA.

Courses are divided into several topics based on what level you are currently standing at:

● Rookie
● Skilled
● Advanced English
● Travel English
● Business English
● Grammar etc.

We constantly add new courses so regardless of your skill level you will find a lot of new and useful material with every update. So stay connected!

📚 Books and Audiobooks

EWA’s library offers over 1000 English Spanish French Italian German books.

● You can pick any difficulty (from Rookie to Advanced) then choose the genre you are most interested in and finally start reading & learning.

● A word you don’t know? It’s is not an issue with EWA. Just one tap on the word to see it’s translation and another tap to add it to your To-Learn list.

Trouble with pronunciation? That’s why we have audiobooks that will drastically improve your speaking abilities!

Reading and listening are two cornerstones of learning English & Spanish.

EWA will significantly enrich your vocabulary and improve your speech recognition skills.

🏆 Learn Words and Track Your Progress

Have a spare 5 minutes a day to learn some new words?

Enjoy a selection of over 40000 flash cards: pick the words and memorize them
with a one-of-a-kind spaced repetition technique.

Feeling excited about your progress? Compete on EWA charts compare your results to thousands of other people and get to the top ranking spot!

🗣 Dialogues with Celebrities

It goes without saying that it is an everyday exercise that ensures tangible progress in learning a language. But sometimes there is just no-one to practice with…

But you are the lucky one — EWA is friends with a lot of movie and tv show characters.

Daily interactive conversations with famous movie characters. Chatting with Princess Daenerys The Terminator and others will not only be a fun experience but also an opportunity to improve your English and Spanish vocabulary.

🤟 No Cramming. No Angry Tutors.

No more cramming stress and angry teachers! With EWA you will learn the language whenever and wherever at your own pace. You will improve your English Spanish French German or Italian and feel the beauty of knowing another language - from freedom while traveling to a higher paying job.

📫 Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! If you have any concerns recommendations or complaints just drop us a line at [email protected] and we will work towards making EWA better!


Privacy Policy: http://appewa.com/privacy_policy
Terms of Use: http://appewa.com/pricing-terms


Start now and experience the new way of learning languages.
Speaking like a native has never been easier.

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EWA: Learn English & Spanish / What's New in v7.8.0

In this update, we just fixed a few bugs that no one except our testers and the user with the nickname duo1ingv0 noticed anyway.

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