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Mafia Boss: Crime City v1.3.10

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Mafia Boss: Crime City 1.3.10
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Do you Have What it Takes to be a fierce and Legendary Mafia Boss?

With Mafia Boss Compete to become the Godfather of your crime city! A breathtaking experience not meant for the kind-hearted. You will need Wit to rule them all!

After the Dramatic Death of Your Father-Godfather to your mob family- The city Yearns for a New Ruller. A Mafia Leader to Slay and Conquer. One the Can call The Godfather.

There Are some steps in getting there but we will help you!

First - You have to search for talented mercenaries and Assassins from the underworld society!

Second - Train to for different tasks and specialties. A killer an assassin A businessman or even a DEA agent. You are the criminal mastermind. You determine the strength and weaknesses of Your mob. Your mafia family!

There are also other perks in being a mafia Mastermind. You get to rule the city. With that comes the benefits!

Mafia Wealth will allow you to have a luxury lifestyle in which you are the boss and you get to keep everything. Date beautiful girls all around the city and find a way inside their hearts. Being a mafia boss you will have the money to do so!

The Godfather has a nice ring to it; doesn't it?


☆ Rule the Mafia Family

Players have a territory to rule and every land is up for grab. You can find and recruit talent then ask them to become a part of your mafia family structure. Your criminal mafia empire awaits!

☆ Tame the Chaos

There are different talents in the city and they tend to make a mess. As a mafia leader you need to control and tame them. after they have joined your crime family you have the option to send them to any mission possible. The Bikers Assassins Scientists Mercenaries and so on. Manage your defenses and wait for the incoming attacks. A powerful mafia family is a target!

☆Create a union

As a godfather you can form a family and others can join it. With each new member you grow as a Mafia boss. After a while there is no stopping you! You can build up mafia family wealth Fight Mafia Bosses Perform factions wars and much more!

☆ Customize Your Mafia Empire

After Your Mafia family builds up enough wealth you can start decorating your interiors and learn the value of luxury life. Beautiful women Awesome swimming pools Suits Cars and much more!

☆Date Lovers

You get to keep everything this also includes the girls! After a hard day investing in stocks bribing the cops and gathering resources you can go on dates. A romantic Dinner Bar affairs Strip Clubs and Mansions. You get to bring the dates home and treat them how they should be. showered in wealth and gifts!

You are the mafia Boss. The Ruler The Godfather. You decide the fate of this City!

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