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eBook Reader - Book Reader v8.5.37

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eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37
Loading... eBook Reader - Book Reader 8.5.37

eBook Reader - Book Reader / Description

Book Reader is an omnivorous e-book reader an all-in-one resource-friendly solution for the following formats:

Reading with Book Reader is a very satisfying experience whether you’re a veritniable bookworm or just love to take your reading in stride literally via your favorite TTS engine and headset. And yes it can easily turn your device into a media player (it features a neat internal one) for multimedia-book playback if EPUB3 is your oyster. Or are you a musician? The generous Book Reader will cater to your needs too. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Some key Book reader features definitely deserve your close attention and an honest try: The Book Reader is a truly universal reader of books for daily reading.

Design and Functionality
Aspires versatility: all-in-one reader for all e-book formats
Feature-rich and very intuitive interface
Customizable page background solid-color or textured (works for all formats)
Day and night modes w/ specific settings for each
UI theming (Light Dark or Ink) and custom colors for links and footnote markers
Configurable fonts and font-sizes for all text styles
Multiple reading modes: from Book to Scroll to TTS reading to RSVP speed reading
Special Musician’s mode w/ adjustable sheet-scrolling speed
Maximum CSS styles support: document + user-defined
Custom CSS coding for ad hoc adjustments
Multi-word -line text search external search for selected text
Informative status bar reading progress bar (w/ chapter tick marks)
Auto-scroll w/ adjustable speed and timer
Customizable double-tap
Sorting books in Library by various parameters (filename title author size genre etc.)
Filtered book search
And many many more…

PDF (DjVu) Reading
PDF text reflow
Emphasize All for better text and graphics readability
Bookmarks (quick and named) drawings and annotations
Intelligent white space trimming
Page splitting page- and screen-wise display
Text decorations (line-thru highlighting underlining etc.)
Page lock/unlock to avoid accidental dragging
Two-finger zoom center zoomed-in page without rescale
Auto-scroll at an adjustable (on-the-fly) speed

TTS Reading
Engine selection; speed volume and pitch controls
Intuitive and easy-to-tap playback control panel
Adjustable expressive breaks at punctuation marks
Remote bookmarks (via headset’s start/stop button)
Double-tap to begin reading on any page
Auto turn-off setup
BT headset compatibility and control

RSVP Speed Reading
Enabled in all supported book formats
Enhanced flexible presentation w/ adjustable line length (up to 30 CPL)
Single-tap start/stop
Adjustable reading speed w/ 50-WPM speed increment

Advanced Features
Configurable tap-zones
Custom CSS coding to streamline page display
Internal player for audiobook (-file) playback
Automatic export of current session
Desktop widgets
Auto-scroll: single-tap start/stop and speed control in real time
Easy access to online e-book converters
Sharing/emailing page as an image file
Support for offline Calibre libraries (search meta-data book covers)
EPUB3 multimedia book support
Support for all major online book catalogs: book search and download
Leading initials in FB2 documents
Local and online dictionary lookup (Google Translate Lingvo Dictionary.com Oxford Longman Cambridge Macmillan Merriam-Webster 1tudien Vdict etc.)

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