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Clinicia - Practice Management v12.9.9

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Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9
Loading... Clinicia - Practice Management 12.9.9

Clinicia - Practice Management / Description

Clinicia is a comprehensive practice management software for doctors. It is powerful yet easy to use tool for doctors to manage their clinical practice and make it more efficient.

Clinicia can be used on a computer or a mobile device. Using this doctors can store patient medical information and their treatment records and communicate with the patients seamlessly. All this can be done in a secured and convenient way anytime anywhere while connected to internet.

Clinicia with many specialty based customized features. To list a few these include dental charting for dentists capture vital signs of patients detailed eye observation for ophthalmologist and multi-session appointments for physiotherapists.

--- Clinicia Main Features ---

Electronic Medical Record (EMR):

Store medical history of all patients their treatment details diagnosis and investigations. Upload x-rays lab records and other medical images. Retrieve this information anytime anywhere using any device.


Doctors can write prescriptions in Clinicia. Medicines can be selected from a pre-loaded list. This prescription is stored digitally and can be printed or sent to patients via email or SMS.

Appointment Scheduling and SMS/email reminders:

Manage all your appointments for multiple clinics and multiple doctors using a simple calendar. Patients are notified of the appointment on SMS and email. Patients are also sent appointment reminders on the day of appointment. Every morning doctors get a SMS and email notification with a list of appointments for the day.

Digital Consent Form:

Patient can give their consent digitally for the treatments. Patient can sign it digitally on the application. A non-editable PDF file is generated which can be printed or shared with the patients through email or SMS.

Accept Online Payments from Patient *

Using Clinicia a doctor can collect payments from patients by sending a payment link. Patient can make payment using Net banking Debit or Credit Card. This payment is directly credited to the doctor’s bank account.


Clinicia provides complete billing module. Doctors can generate a bill for a single or multiple treatments which can be either printed or emailed to the patient.

Expense Management:

Clinicia helps you record and track all expenses incurred in operating the Clinic. You can record expenses such as staff salaries rents equipment purchases utility bill payments etc. By keeping track of these expenses you can manage your clinic better.

Reports and Analysis:

Various financial reports provided in Clinicia can be used to get a complete overview of income expenses and cash flow for each clinic. The reports also include patient fees reports patient payments and outstanding report doctor wise fees report among others.

SMS / Email Campaign: *

Send mass SMS communications for messages such as festival wishes information on check-up camps health tips etc. This can be done in an easy way with just a few clicks.

Multiple Clinics and Multiple doctors:

Clinicia is a comprehensive and a very flexible practice management software. Doctors can manage multiple clinics using a single account. Doctors can also add multiple assistant and consultant doctors and give them selective accesses to their clinics.

--- Build a strong online presence ---

Clinicia helps built a strong online presence for doctors and their practice by creating a free and effective online public profile.

Free Powerful Online Profile listing: *:

Clinicia offers a free listing platform for doctors which patients can use to find them. Doctors can update information about themselves and their clinics which can be seen by patients to make informed decisions.

* - This features may not be available in all regions.

For more information contact us at +91 8097 700 800 or visit our website www.clinicia.com

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Clinicia - Practice Management / What's New in v12.9.9

Medicine Templates -
Now User can create and save their own Medicine Templates which will be set of Medicines, generally Doctors prescribes frequently for common Illness.

User can save Templates in Settings > Masters > Medicine Templates

And then Users can used the same while Prescribing the Medicines in Add Visit / Prescription.

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