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Dancing Boom 1.1

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Do you think that dancing is your natural element? In this game you will have a chance to prove it! Repeat all sorts of dance moves from the screen of your device thereby reproducing complex and driving dances that can be safely considered art! If it's boring to dance yourself - call friends and dance together live or online!

The gameplay of this dance simulator is quite peculiar. The main feature is that the game directly interacts with you through the camera of your device. Thus the game and "checks" whether the correct movements you make during the dance. Here a lot depends on your chosen position - you need to make sure that all your movements get in the frame otherwise you will lose valuable points. In the rest everything is quite simple. You choose the song yourself (there are a lot of world hits in the assortment!) And the dance that you have to reproduce. Then the music follows a series of movements shown schematically and performed by the character on the screen. Your task is to repeat all these movements as accurately as possible showing that you are an extra-class dancer! For each dance you will get an assessment. The better you dance the higher your score will be. So just dance !

But the most fun in this dance game is of course the multiplayer mode. What can be more dynamic and funnier than dancing battles with friends? The competitions here are quite simple - each of your company dances with the same movements. The winner is the one who reproduced the dance best. Find out which of you is most deserving of the title of King of Dance!

The game also has the opportunity to create your own dance. Show the dance app interface a combination of ingenious movements invented by you - and he will instantly create your author's dance which can be used in the game!

Dance as you want!

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