Decathlon Coach - fitness, run2.13.3

Decathlon Coach - fitness, run v2.13.3

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Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3
Loading... Decathlon Coach - fitness, run 2.13.3

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The Decathlon Coach app can help you take care of your health and get back into shape no matter what your objective or level is. It provides free customised and varied training programs for running cross-training yoga fitness cardio workouts Pilates walking strength training and many other activities.

Monitor your performance with over 80 sports tracked.

Are you looking for the best app to do sport for free wherever you are?
Decathlon Coach adapts to your goals motivating you to progress with your favourite sport and providing effective programmes to help you get back into shape.
💪 Make progress thanks to varied and customised workouts that you can fit into your diary and suit your level (beginner intermediate advanced).
📣. Let yourself be guided with voice coaching and exercise videos.
📊. Monitor your performance with over 80 sports available in the app (running trail walking pilates yoga fitness strength training cycling boxing badminton etc.).
📲. Decathlon coach will support you whether you train at home outdoors and at the gym offering over 250 coaching programmes or sessions with or without equipment.
👏. Achieve your goals no matter what they are: weight loss keeping healthy burning off calories preparing for a run building up strength or simply getting fit.
🥗 Find the best advice from experts to get started progress and eat healthily.
🌟 Get access to the community's reviews and testimonials.

Decathlon supports you with programmes that suit your level of ability and allows you to pick and choose sessions you want.
- RUNNING: Gently get started or get back into running with training plans by level. You will also discover our goal-based programmes such as weight loss improving your pace preparing a race a marathon or a trail run race.
- WALKING: Are you more into power walking Nordic walking or race walking? Our programmes adapt to  what you want.
- PILATES: Add Pilates to your regular sports activity or as the principal sport and progress at your pace to gently tone up your body and work on your core strength.
- STRENGTH & WEIGHT TRAINING: Gently get started with our bodyweight programmes and add weights to increase the difficulty. Our programmes provide you with guidance at home or the gym.
- YOGA: Make time for yourself with our yoga routines to relax and make your body more supple and toned.

Our coaches are here to help you get better started with your sports activity and progress at your own pace.
- Get into good habits and stay on track thanks to our advice.
- Discover efficient recovery techniques and well-being tips.
- Follow our nutritional advice as a complement to your sports activity.


Get your sessions’ history and measure your progress over time.
- Find your sessions’ stats (time route calories burned etc.).
- Record how you feel at the end of each session.
- Retrace the route you took on your run thanks to the GPS.
- Discover your progress month after month and year after year thanks to the tracking graphs.

To sum up discover an all-around coach at your fingertips for free guiding you to do your favourite sport whatever your level of ability. Let yourself be guided by the coach and be proud of your progress!

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Decathlon Coach - fitness, run / What's New in v2.13.3

In this new version, the personalization of the programs/workouts recommended on the home page have been improved in order to better meet your needs and your sports practice!

We also improve the app's loading speed and fix some bugs.

Have a good training with Decathlon Coach!

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