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IMPORTANT: Stylus or a large screen is required.

Three monosynths a drum machine a mixer and some effects - what else do you really need? Oh yeah a sequencer so you can put it all together! And all this is what PhoenixStudio is!

PhoenixStudio is a re-release of the smash hit PocketPC app I originally created in 2001. For a long time it was by far the most powerful and user friendly music app for the platform.

In this Android re-release the UI has not yet been adapted for small touch screens (it was intended for stylus-controlled devices) but it will work fine on Galaxy Note and similar and it should also be usable on large screen tablets.

Except for the save functionality which can be purchased in-app PhoenixStudio is free to use and play with.

More information and the manual can be found at http://www.getphoenixstudio.com/ .

Henrik Rydgård

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PhoenixStudio / What's New in v1.1

In-app purchase removed, all functionality is now free.

Update for compliance with new Android Scoped Storage rules, should make the app future proof.

NOTE! Files are now in /Android/data/com.henrikrydgard.phoenixstudio/files! Move your old songs there, or use the new "Browse..." button to access them.

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