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Zombie Shop 0.31.1
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Ah zombies. Cannot kill what’s already dead right? But you sure can outsmart them by using your trader’s wits and crafting expertise.
Zombie apocalypse or not humans love shopping and they’ll always need a shop to come in for stuff. Natural exchange is all good but we’ve been building an exchange system based on commodities and money for a few thousand years now and surely for a reason! So just because some undead creatures are persistently trying to savor the flavor of your brains threatening your survival in these dark new circumstances you shouldn’t give up shopkeeping progress oh no!

Join this adventure to hone your survival trading and production skills!
— Become a shopkeeper running the only decent outlet in town seeking to thrive amidst the zombie apocalypse
— Learn the secrets of post-apocalyptic trade to expand and customize your shop
— Make friends with Artisans Scientists and other town residents to design and produce weapons armor and many other useful items from any bits and bobs you can lay your hands on really
— Source valuable resources such as Metal Plastic or Chemicals from different town locations and use them to produce goods
— Sell items to customers: they need all these Baseball Bats Flashlights and Cleavers to fend off zombies that are rather annoying in their persistence to eat all the brains
— Buy items from others as you aim to balance your trade accounts and run your increasingly successful shop
— Recruit Preppers and send them on dangerous yet exciting Supply Runs for valuables; given the current state of zombie affairs anything goes—from Super Glue to Mushrooms
— Create trade Guilds with other players! Join forces to grow and develop an authentic town struggling to survive under constant attacks by undead brain-munchers

Now not all heroes wear capes. Not least because someone’s gotta first make those capes for them. Cannot be a coincidence that you are looking to apply yourself as a professional shopkeeper and manufacturer right?

Install Zombie Shop FOR FREE and start growing your business right now! Design and produce buy and sell invest and personalize—anything to thrive in this zombie-ridden post-apocalyptic adventure of a world!

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Zombie Shop / What's New in v0.31.1

The town continues to survive and develop, with changes doing it good!

Firstly, Talents are now stronger and more efficient. An acquired Talent affects item sub-types across all tiers, and you can boost it, too.
Secondly, it's gotten easier to obtain extra rewards for Supply Runs—thanks to revised Hazards and Perks.
Thirdly, there is more energy for trading now, and it's spent more efficiently, too!

Let alone better performance and an updated game balance: we sure did both!

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