Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers2.1.2

Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers v2.1.2

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Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers 2.1.2
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Loading... Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers 2.1.2
Loading... Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers 2.1.2
Loading... Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers 2.1.2

Spikko - Virtual cellular phone numbers / Description

The Spikko cellular virtual phone numbers app is the client for the Spikko solution. You must have a PAID Spikko account in order to use it. Please register--> https://secure.spikko.com/Register.aspx

Get additional numbers on your cell phone – local and in 52 other countries. Receive cellular calls on any of those numbers and control your displayed identity by selecting any one of those #s for outgoing calls.
Your privacy is protected and you can select dedicated phone # for calls SMS etc. and there’s no need for access codes - for example - on international calls.
We don't keep your phonebook make it public or searchable or infringe on your privacy in any way.

There’s no need to purchase a dual SIM device or carry two handsets.
You can restrict the hours and days that those additional numbers are active.
All additional numbers can be active at the same time according to a pre-defined schedule as opposed to dual SIMs solutions.

For a small / home office working with customers around the globe Travelling a lot or just looking for increased privacy - you need the Spikko solution - at home or when roaming* to make sure you can use the number you need for your purpose.

Get one or several extra numbers you may need on the same handset with low-cost incoming/outgoing calls and don’t compromise on quality or privacy. Lastly– there’s no dependency on a data connection or access codes as Spikko technology works over standard cellular networks and is not based on VOIP connections.
You can now have multiple landline or mobile numbers on just one mobile device.
We keep our prices (for dedicated numbers and calls) as low as possible and you can cancel at any time. We offer email support to keep our prices down no phone support is offered at this time.

The need to carry multiple devices purchasing costly dual SIM devices typing annoying access codes or paying outrageous rates for international calls – is now removed.
How does it work? Quite easily:

1) Make sure you have an active Spikko account (check the Spikko.com website)
2) Install the app and login
3) Approve permissions
3) Just dial

The number is yours so go ahead and share it with your contacts. You can be traveling abroad and your overseas contacts will still be able to reach you when dialing your Spikko or local number.
Get an overseas phone number and your customers will think you are just around the block!

What Else?

▶ Manage as many numbers as you want simultaneously.
▶ Want to cancel? Sure no strings attached or contract required.
▶ Get rates information and top up more credit for calling directly through the app. Easy!

Why Spikko?
▶ Working with global customers? Get a number that matches their local area code.
▶ Living abroad? On relocation? Make it easy for your overseas friends and family to reach you.
▶ Traveling? Use Spikko to enjoy low-cost rates for incoming /outgoing calls* **

Bits and Bytes:
▶ Multiple numbers - as many as you need – there’s no cap on how many numbers you can own.
▶ Get full control over your caller IDs.
▶ No internet connection required to make calls (Just for configuration).
▶ SMS is supported in some locations (check our site for the countries where available).

The Spikko edge over other types of solutions:
▶ Private and Business life complete separation – using one device one SIM.
▶ Superb voice quality – A network-based solution (not VOIP)
▶ Operator and network-agnostic.
▶ Ideal for personal as well as business use.

See Spikko.com for countries supported

Video link in-app store:

** NOTE - even if you have a local number from Spikko on your cellphone when roaming call prices are not tariffed as local calls due to the surcharge required for the Spikko service entry point location. You should check fares before placing calls.
** NOTE – you must have a subscription with a local operator or the network will not recognize your handset.

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What's new in Spikko 2.1.2
• Bug fixes

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