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Japanese Kanji Study 5.4.0
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Japanese Kanji Study / Description

Kanji Study aims to be a helpful and easy-to-use tool for learning Japanese kanji. The app includes flashcards multiple choice quizzes writing challenges kanji and word search custom sets and much more. Kanji Study hopes to be your essential companion for mastering kanji.

The app is not entirely free; however the free version has no ads and offers unlimited study of beginner kanji radicals hiragana and katakana. The dictionary and all info screens are also free and unrestricted. The one-time upgrade unlocks the remaining kanji levels and allows you to create your own custom sets. It also supports the continued development of this project.

Main Features

Flashcard study
• Rote memorize kanji in manageable sized sets.
• View stroke animations readings meanings and examples.
• Customize theme layout displayed actions and swipe behavior.
• Assign study ratings to filter kanji out as you learn them.

Multiple-choice quizzes
• Customize quizzes to show readings meanings example words or sentences.
• Example words can be selected from JLPT common vocab and favorites.
• Quiz times and distractors adapt based on your results.
• Further customize to repeat wrong answers auto-play audio pause after answering and more.

Writing challenges
• Improve your kanji recognition by challenging yourself to recall and write kanji.
• Learn the correct stroke order using a finely-tuned stroke detection algorithm.
• Correct strokes will snap into place and hints will appear if you are struggling.
• Detect accuracy stroke by stroke or use the self-assessment mode.

Quick kanji and word search
• Search over 6k kanji using readings radicals stroke counts levels and more all in one text field.
• Search over 180k words by kanji kana romaji or translation language in the same one text field.
• Combine any number of criteria and see them highlighted in the results.
• Completely offline and very optimized for quick searching.

Detailed info screens
• View animated strokes readings and meanings as well as your study time and quiz stats.
• See a breakdown of the radicals found within each kanji.
• Check out example words (grouped by the kanji readings) sentences and names.
• Explore the kanji used within each of the examples and use the breadcrumbs to navigate back.

Additional Features

★ Study kanji in various sequences including JLPT and Japanese school grades.
★ Notify yourself with custom study reminders when you haven't studied.
★ Read Japanese text with over 8k native audio files and text-to-speech support.
★ Add shortcuts to your home screen to study a particular set.
★ Use the rankings screen to make custom sets based on study stats.
★ Favorite kanji radicals and examples for referencing later.
★ Save progress using Google Drive or local storage.
★ Customize MANY additional settings.


Outlier Essentials
The Outlier Kanji Dictionary for learners explains kanji with a unified easy to understand framework designed with the learner in mind and based on solid research.

Permissions (optional)

- In-app Purchase (purchase upgrade)
- External Drive (store backup files)
- Install Shortcuts (add home screen shortcuts)
- Run at startup (reschedule notifications)
- Full network access (send analytics)


There is a volunteer translation project with contributions to over 30 languages. If you would like to help please send me an email.

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Japanese Kanji Study / What's New in v5.4.0

- Added options to batch reset meanings, translations, readings and notes.
- Added basic HTML formatting support to character notes.
- Added option to increase Outlier content size.
- Added support for launching twitter lite from the setting's twitter link.
- Updated quiz screens to truncate long notes (long press to show).
- Updated supported Android API to 31.
- Fixed minor issues with restoring saved sessions.
- Update translations

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