Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker1.0.6

Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker v1.0.6

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Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker 1.0.6
Loading... Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker 1.0.6
Loading... Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker 1.0.6
Loading... Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker 1.0.6
Loading... Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker 1.0.6

Eyezy – Kids Location Tracker / Description

With EyeZy tracker you can always check your children's location in real-time!

EyeZy is a safe way to monitor the location of your kids using cutting-edge GPS technology.

With our app you can see on the map where your child is. You can always be in touch and take parental control of your children. Parents can see their minor's movements online and always be sure they're all right. If a child gets lost or gets into a difficult situation he can use the alert button to send a help alert.

Our parental control app includes the best safety features:

• Track your kids’ real-time locations and make sure they are safe
• See full past location history for your children
• Customize geo-zones and automatically be notified when kids arrive and leave school home or anywhere
• Get receive help alerts when a kid is in danger and needs help
• Contact list monitoring for parents
• See the list of apps installed on the kids’ phone


• Accuracy in tracking
• No chaotic movements of markers on the map
• Low energy life consumption
• Minimum radius of safety zones
• Alert button for kids

The app is specifically created for parents to track their children.
The app cannot be used to track anyone else (a spouse for example) even with their knowledge and permission.

App for parental control only. It is impossible to install the application on the mobile phone without your child's knowledge its use is only available with the express consent of the child. Personal data is stored by GDPR laws and policies.

Stay connected with your children at all times!

Any service based on GPS works fine when the GPS is enabled on the device. So don't forget to check the GPS location settings.

* Terms of use: https://eyezyapp.com/terms.html
* Privacy Policy: https://eyezyapp.com/privacy.html

Hope you'll like EyeZy app!

We are constantly working to improve it and welcome user feedback and suggestions: [email protected]

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