NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) 0.24.0 (Mod) (Lite)

NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) v0.24.0 (Mod) (Lite)

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NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) / Specifications

NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) / Description

The lightweight YouTube experience for Android.

Do you like watching videos on YouTube but looking for a simple app to do that?
NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.
Lightweight YouTube frontend that's supposed to be used without the proprietary YouTube-API or any of Google's (proprietary) play-services. NewPipe only parses the YouTube website in order to gain the information it needs.
Main Features:
• YouTube Videos
Simple way to watch videos from the site and use its features.
• Extended Privacy
Does not use the YouTube API nor the Google Play Services.
• Background Player
Use other apps with no hassle while it plays your favourite songs.
• Download Media
Simply download YouTube videos or audio to your device.
• Subscriptions
Never miss new content from your favourite channels.
• History
Go back in time and enjoy your favourites again.
• Open Source
How it works is not a secret. Go and check it on GitHub.
• Free
You get the whole thing for free. No in-app purchases or ads either.

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NewPipe (Lightweight YouTube) / What's New in v0.24.0 (Mod) (Lite)

- ★★★ MOD by Alex.Strannik ★★★

Analytics Removed
Auto-update service Removed
Trash Removed
Translation completely redesigned
Optimized resources
Languages: en, be, de, es, pl, pt, ru, uk


Bump minSdk to 21 (Android 5 Lollipop) and drop support for Android 4.4 KitKat #7613
Add Download entry to long-press menu #8397
Add option to hide future videos in feed #8545 #8966
Add Share menu item to local playlists #8542
Crop the notification thumbnail in 1:1 mode instead of stretching it #8533
Make thumbnails' scaleType fitCenter #8573
Improve image placeholders #8530
Removed the "(beta)"-tag from services #8637
Refactor player and extract UI components #8170 #8661 #8678 #8731
Sort tags case-insensitively #8709
Fix wrong image used as a placeholder for channels avatars #8676
Fix various issues with player notification #8678 #8899
Make some much needed changes to the README #8372
Fix lang code for Chinese Simplified #8549
Run CI on all release branches #8565
Clean up proguard file #8468
Update ExoPlayer to 2.18.1 #8536 #8687
Specify used ExoPlayer libraries #8469
Use minimum required permissions for GitHub workflows #8569
Checkstyle assign on same line #8601
Use ViewCompat.setBackgroundTintList() #8633
Update some misc libraries #8475
Use stream sorting #8635
Use Java 9 collection factories: List.of(), Set.of(), Map.of() #8631 #8679
Use range-limiting method MathUtils.clamp() #8651 #8737
Use Kotlin IO extensions #8648
Remove some unnecessary methods #8663 #8740
Remove deprecated method calls in FocusAwareCoordinator #8670
Deduplicate SQL queries to get feed streams #8621
Update OkHttp to 4.10.0 #8624
Update Lifecycle to 2.5.1 #8683
Update AndroidX Fragment to 1.4.1 #8691
Update Google Material to 1.6.1 #8692
Use Throwable.stackTraceToString() #8701
Update AppCompat to 1.4.2 #8667
Use WindowMetrics API #8656
Update AndroidX Room to 2.4.3 #8716
Remove uses of setBottomSheetCallback() #8669
Refactor LicenseFragmentHelper #8682
Make OnClickGesture an interface #8721
Reduce View.kt size #8708
Use toArray() with zero-length arrays #8724
Use Comparator factory methods #8728
Use Collectors.joining() #8738
Update FilePicker to our custom fork and disable Jetifier #8666
Add FAQ entry to the template checklists #8822
Use ListAdapter for search predictions #8719 #8972
Update Gradle to 7.5.1 #8751
Remove extra whitespace from issue and PR templates #8755
Clarify that span shouldn't be in translated READMEs #8754
Keep strong references to Picasso notification icon loading targets #8677
Create media session UI and fix player notification #8678
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