Voice Changer & Auto Tuner1.0.3.3 (Pro)

Voice Changer & Auto Tuner v1.0.3.3 (Pro)

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Voice Changer & Auto Tuner (Pro)
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The Voice Changer: Autotune app gives you to revoice your speech change its tone timbre. An autotune voice changer is installed on smartphones running Android. The Voice changer program has several useful revoice tools: autotune changing a male tone to a female robot one and vice versa recording to a voice recorder acting modulator vocoder. Available in the autotune voice changer are effects for the best tuning acting:

autotune voice changer;
super bass booster;
radio voice effect;

In terms of the editor functionality the voice recorder is in no way inferior to other generator apps: Parodist; Voicemod; Ghostface; Robovox; Fakeyou. Scope of voice changer application Scary parodies. With the help of auto tune filter you can prank your friends work colleagues. The main advantage of the editor is that with it you can revoice scream significantly change the timbre tone pitch scary sound ranges effects. Auto tune allows you to edit it into a completely different style. (make it much rougher louder more intermittent add echo). Music. Change and significant transformation of female and male tones may be needed not only for impressions. A prime example is the music recording. In it much attention is paid to the quality of the boy or girl singer's vocal how much he fascinates the audience with his timbre pitch. Very often special simulator is used: autotune. This any voice changer effect allows you to improve the sound quality make it softer smoother more pleasing to the ears. It is found in the work of eminent boy and girl rappers and musicians. The voice recorder is needed not only in professional creativity studio and radio work: singing a song for boy and girl at a party. With the best editor a filter this can be done much better; Creation. Quite often the autotune voice changer is used by famous people public figures actors to change their pitch. Basically this concerns the owners of YouTube channels who create anime for fans with the help of voice recorder. You can remember hacker who voiced the gameplay in a funny or scary creepy human tone. Auto tune allows you to do the same for a free. Functional Features of the voice recorder - with the help of the editor you can't replace your vocal with a specific celebrity but you can make it like that of a robot or a monster change a female scream to a male one add echo; - in real time auto tune will not help to change the tone during the live call or gaming with discord (you must first record the sound then process it with deep filter in the voice recorder); - the autotune voice changer has limited functionality for changing music but you can try to record it. Users of the synthesizer app say that the auto tune voice recorder may well help process the song replace the timbre. With synthesizer you can achieve a qualitative change if used properly.

The main advantages of the autotune voice changer: auto tune.

1) The autotune voice changer is free while providing full functionality for parodying creating music;

2) Free Auto tune allows you to work with different types of voice tuner robot female male children's tones and scream;

3) The autotune voice changer has an advanced vocoded speech synthesizer. A large number of special effects are available: modulator reverb studio bot vocal hoarseness vocoder radio. There are acoustic distortions in the tone converter the ability to create fake funny sound with auto tune;

4) Modifier for editing finished recordings and vocoder. The auto tune app helps to record sound on a voice recorder high-quality vocal acting of the text. The mod supports various special effects that are well implemented in both new and old tone acting. Ai-processing is not available a radical change in sound qualities through free auto tune a wide range of settings. The changer is the best assistant for creating funny parodies music video blogs.

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