Luminous - Poweramp Skin8.2 (Paid)

Luminous - Poweramp Skin v8.2 (Paid)

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Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)
Loading... Luminous - Poweramp Skin 8.2 (Paid)

Luminous - Poweramp Skin / Description

Luminous is a material white skin for Poweramp 3. You can change almost anything to make Poweramp look material minimalist transparency and stunning. This skin also support Material You if you want to use dynamic colors (Android 12 and up only).
Compared to Aurora and Luminous Black this skin is designed for those who like a white interface because there are various choices of white background colors such as soft and pastel.

Available Features:

• 36 Material Accent Colors
• 17 White Background Colors
• Material You
• 2 Player UI Layouts
• Player UI Track Title Alignment
• Album Art Blur Background & Overlay
• Transparent Background & Opacity
+ 4 More Options

• Library Icon Sets Color Shape Style Shape Corners Radius Sizes
• Navigation Icon Sets Color Sizes Logo
• Bottom Buttons Icon Set Icon Color Background Corners Radius
• Equalizer Icon Sets Color Sizes
• V.T.R.S Icon Sets Color Sizes
• Header Icon Sets Color
+ 4 More Options

• 28 Font Styles
• Font Colors & Sizes
• Accent Title Color Styles
• Capitalize
• Navigation Text Color
• Select Bottom Buttons Text Color

• Header Buttons Corners Radius & Opacity
• Header AA Buttons Corners Radius & Opacity
• Header Overlay & Opacity
• Middle Left Track Title
• Bottom Buttons Background & Corners Radius
• Selected Track Color
• Selected Track Corners Radius & Margins

• Navigation Styles Background Color Corners Radius
• Player UI Navigation Background
• Offset Navbar
• Navigation Indicator Color
• Force Black Navigation Bar
• Transparent Navigation Bar

Knob and Equalizer
• Knob and Eq Styles
• Eq Shape Corners Radius & Thumb Style
• Knob Indicator Style
• Eq Spectrum
• Eq Buttons Styles & Corners Radius
• Knob & Equalizer Highlight
• Volume Panel Backgrounds Knob Knob Indicator Styles Corners Radius Sizes

Album Art
• Album Art Transition
• Custom Transition
• Player UI Album Art Sizes & Corners
• Library Album Art Corners
• Dynamic Corners
• Album Art Shadow

Player Controls
• Play Button (Swap Colors)
• Pro Buttons
• Play/Pro Buttons Color & Shape Corners Radius
• Pro Buttons Sizes & Margins
• Wave Bars Styles
• Wave Bars Color
• Wave Seekbar Styles
• Simple Seekbar Styles
• Line Simple Seekbar Color Sizes Corners Radius
• Elapsed and Duration Corners Radius & Opacity

• Track Title Background Corners Radius & Opacity
• Alt Track Title Background Corners Radius & Opacity
• Rating and Track Button Corners Radius & Opacity
• V.T.R.S Background Corners Radius & Opacity
• Track Counter Background Corners Radius & Opacity
• Audio Info Background Corners Radius & Opacity
• Flat UI
• Transparent Status Bar
• Poweramp Beta Support

• Hide Album Artist
• Hide Album Art
• Hide Rating
• Hide Track Menu Button
• Hide V.T.R.S Buttons
• Hide Elapsed and Duration Time
+ 9 More Options

Languages Support
English Indonesian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Russian Japanese Spanish

• You can quickly access the skin settings by long pressing the hamburger/menu button in Poweramp navigation
• If the skin doesn't work properly after updating. You need to press 'Restore Defaults' on Skin Settings

This skin is not compatible with the old build of Poweramp 3 and Huawei with Android 7.0

About Developer
I work alone to develop this skin not as a team.
Mixified Pixel is just the name of my company. However I'm trying to give you the best Poweramp skin available on Playstore and I will provide updates as long as I can.

Contact Support
If you encounter a problem or have a request please consider contacting me via email instead of leaving a negative review.
[email protected]

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Luminous - Poweramp Skin / What's New in v8.2 (Paid)

@Nocna Furia

Luminous 8.2
This is a quick update to fix several issues that occurred in previous version
• New Material You
• New Wave Bars Color
• Simplified Wave Bars Shape. Previous Settings will be reset
• Fixed Info & Settings not showing on Android Lollipop
• Fixed some issues on Skin Settings. Some Settings will be reset
• Minor Improvements

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