Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang2.4.1 (AdFree)

Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang v2.4.1 (AdFree)

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Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)
Loading... Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang 2.4.1 (AdFree)

Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang / Description

Panchang which is also known as Panchangam is used to denote five elements of Vedic Astrology namely Tithi Nakshatra Yoga Karana and Var i.e. weekday. These five elements when combined for a day are known as Panchang. These five elements change every day with the movement of the Moon and the Sun. Hence followers of Hinduism refer Panchangam on day to day basis. Panchang is also known as Hindu Calendar.
Drik Panchang is one of the most reputed Panchangam available on Internet. It has been made available for Android devices with similar features and precision as that of www.DrikPanchang.com This native Panchang which doesn't need Internet connectivity to use comes with following features
Grid Calendar - The grid can be customized for lunar calendar as well as for solar calendars including Bengali Panjika Malayalam Panchangam Oriya Panji and Tamil Panchangam. Lunar calendars can be customized by selecting Purnimanta and Amanta option and by selecting Vikrama Samvata Shaka Samvata and Gujarati Samvata options. These selections can convert a lunar calendar into a Gujarati Panchang Telugu Panchanga or Kannada Panchangam.
Festivals - Drik Panchang is the most comprehensive source which lists most Hindu and Indian festivals Government Holidays Jayanti fasting days including Ekadashi Sankashti Pradosham Purnima Sankranti Durgashtami and Shivaratri days for each month. Drik Panchang lists all Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan dates in the year.
Kundali Support - Drik Panchang comes with Kundali support and it can generate Lagna Navamsha Surya Chandra and Shukra Kundali for any date time and location. For Lagna Kundali it shows detailed planetary position for Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu True Rahu True Ketu Uranus Neptune and Pluto.
The Kundali can be drawn either in North Indian or South Indian chart format. Kundali can be Saved Edited Deleted or Opened with the help of Kundali editor. Each Kundali is tagged with running Dasha and Antardasha. Kundali comes with an option to explore detailed Dasha and Antardasha for next 120 years.
Dainika Panchangam - Apart from listing five basic elements of Panchangam detailed Dainika Panchang highlights Panchaka Ganda Moola Bhadra Vinchudo and all auspicious Yoga including Ravi Amrita Sarvartha Siddhi Tripushkara Dwipushkara Ravi Pushya and Guru Pushya for each day.
Dainika Panchangam also lists Abhijit Muhurta Amrit Kalam Rahu Kalam Gulikai Kalam Yamaganda Dur Muhurtam Varjyam and Anandadi Yoga.
Muhurta Table - Drik Panchang comes with day and night Choghadiya Shubh Horai and Udaya Lagna. Each running Muhurta is shown with count down timer.
Vedic Timer - Vedic time which is also known as Ishtakal is provided to track time as per Vedic Era of Hinduism. In Vedic time each day (from sunrise to sunrise) is divided into Ghati Pala and Vipala similar to Hour Mins and Secs. In Vedic time keeping 60 Ghati makes a day 60 Pala makes a Ghati and 60 Vipala makes a Pala. At Sunrise timers shows 00:00:00 and at Sunset it shows 30:00:00.
Horoscope Match - App can be used to match two horoscopes based on Ashta Kuta. Each matched horoscope result is saved for future reference.
Add Tithi - User defined Tithi can be added to Panchang with recursive reminder as per Hindu date or Gregorian date.
Localization - App supports all major Indian languages including Bengali Gujarati Hindi Kannada Malayalam Marathi Oriya Tamil or Telugu with English as the default language.
Location - Panchang can be generated for any location and city across the globe to get correct date for Upavasa and festivals. App comes with in-built DST support and there is no need to adjust timings for DST.
Theme - By default classic theme is set which is based on traditional Indian colors. However it can be changed to modern looking themes which come in red green and blue colors.

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Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang / What's New in v2.4.1 (AdFree)


• Kundali charts D1 to D60
• Bhava Chalit chart
• Choghadiya crash fixed
• UI improvement & bug fixes

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