Amaha: anxiety self-care3.78.1 (Pro)

Amaha: anxiety self-care v3.78.1 (Pro)

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Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)
Loading... Amaha: anxiety self-care 3.78.1 (Pro)

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skill Courses InnerHour embraces a fresh start with Amaha.

A place to help you feel better and stay better Amaha is built by trained psychologists and licensed psychiatrists. The app will improve your mental health help you cultivate mindfulness and sleep better through self-care therapy and community support.

The core Amaha experience entails:
- Self-help tools
- Self-help activities
- Easy-to-use trackers
- Expert curated resources
- The Amaha Community

Get the Amaha experience
InnerHour was your one-stop solution for everything mental health. Amaha is for everyone - whether you need a space to journal your thoughts practice meditation to feel calm or are struggling with depression stress anxiety sleep or need self-help tools or professional support - this is the right place for you.

You can begin your journey with an assessment that helps us understand you better. Discover a specialised mental health course based on your need. Each course has different tools designed to help you manage your sleep and anger tackle stress overcome depression beat anxiety journal your thoughts practice meditation and care for yourself and feel calm.

Explore self-help tools
To help you ease your stress become mindful and instill happiness Amaha gives you an improved experience based on CBT Mindfulness and Positive Psychology principles. Keeping the InnerHour spirit alive we can help you make feeling calm a habit with 500+ self care mindfulness and meditation activities - such as affirmations guided journals and anxiety relief meditation audios.

Access self-help activities
Consistent goals meditation maintaining a journal and similar healthy habits improve your mental health which lasts for a longer time. With the enhanced Amaha app keep track of your journal and align your schedule to sleep better. Such activities motivate you to improve daily keep you calm and reduce stress.

Easy-to-use trackers
Understanding your emotions and feelings is another essential part of your mental health and self care. Use the mood tracker to effectively mark your mood for each day and analyse it through a weekly mood chart. This will keep you aware of your daily moods and give you deeper insights into your mental health. You can then understand any patterns and find ways to work on them and keep yourself calm in different situations. You can also set daily self care goals on the goal tracker to add tasks that can improve your mental health and also help you accomplish more.

Explore our Expert curated resources
Amaha is built to help you develop a holistic lifestyle. Access our curated resources including blogs audio and videos to understand the causes of different mental health concerns like depression anxiety and sleep. Learn different ways to stay calm instill happiness hot to make self care a habit know the benefits of practicing meditation and how to process your feelings in a journal.

Be a part of the Amaha Community
A space to call your own and talk openly the Amaha community is built to help you share your struggles and be heard. Join our groups if you are struggling with depression addiction OCD or ADHD and can connect with people who might be dealing with similar mental health concerns. This is your safe space to share what's on your mind anonymously.

The Amaha (formerly InnerHour) app is free to download. A subset of our offerings is available for free forever.

For any questions reach out to us at [email protected]
Visit our website: https://www.amahahealth.com

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- Mod Info:
✪ Pro Features Unlocked
✪ Multi Languages
✪ CPUs: universal
✪ Debug Info Removed
✪ Original Signature Changed


In this release, we have implemented a new and enhanced experience for notifications to help nudge you at the right moments in your mental health journey. We've also tweaked some features, and fixed several bugs in this release - so your well-being journey can continue to be smooth & interruption-free!

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