Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker11.20 b831 (Elite)

Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker v11.20 b831 (Elite)

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Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)
Loading... Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker 11.20 b831 (Elite)

Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker / Description

Gain muscle or get toned with Jefit! Plan track and log your workout routine from home or the gym. JEFIT has an exercise library with over 1400 exercises and thousands of workout plans. With a built in rest timer and an intuitive exercise logging system JEFIT pushes your workouts to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a bodybuilding plan or at-home body weight exercises - JEFIT has a plan for everyone.

Google Play Editor's Choice
Men’s Fitness called JEFIT "The Best Fitness and Health App"
USA Today - "Like having a personal trainer in your pocket"
Sports Illustrated listed JEFIT as one of The Best Fitness Apps of 2022

Over 10 million people use JEFIT to track their workouts and transform their bodies.

From beginners to gym rats Jefit will help you track your progress in the gym or from home and plan workout routines with our exercise library. Beginner programs like 5x5 531 stronglifts and starting strength all the way up to advanced bodybuilding weightlifting and strengthtraining routines. Whether you have specialized equipment a makeshift at-home gym or limited space and just your bodyweight - JEFIT has a weightlifting program for you.

JEFIT helps you reach your strength or weight goals whether you’re a beginner or advanced lifter. If you’ve logged your workouts in a journal or planner you know how important it is to track and log your workouts.

Top Features
● Track Workouts - Choose your exercises log weights and reps in the fitness tracker and we’ll show you the results of your training
● Workout Planner - 1400+ exercises with HD video demonstrations
● Wear OS app - Ditch the pen and paper and track your workout from your watch
● Intuitive Tools - Rest timer supersets interval timer body measurements system and most importantly exercise routine planner and tracker.
● Workout Plans - Professionally built workout routines made for 3 4 or 5 day splits weight loss strengthtraining 5x5 starting strength bodybuilding 531 weightlifting powerlifting GZCLP Greyskull at-home bodyweight workouts and at-home muscle building programs
● Stay Motivated - Monthly and quarterly strength challenges with real prizes. Get support from other gym goers or home bodybuilding gurus in the community.
● Set Goals - Use our workout planner and tracker to lose weight get stronger or increase mobility - find or build a plan to reach your goals.
● Add Friends - Find new weightlifting buddies in the community.

Programs that help you reach your goals
● Beginner muscle building programs - Stronglifts 5x5 Starting Strength 3 day splits
● Advanced muscle building programs - Powerlifting bodybuilding Greyskull
● Muscle building programs - Abs Arms Glutes Fat and Weight Loss Toning
● Personalized workout plans built by personal trainers
● Equipment based exercise plans - Squat Racks Barbells Kettlebells Dumbbells
● Bodyweight home muscle building programs - Bands Mats Machine Only Core Focused
● Kettlebells Cardio Circuit Training Space Limited at-home Routines
● Build your own custom personalized powerlifting programs

Special tools and features
● Customizable rest timer and workout tracker
● Supersets and circuit training routines
● Interval timer and a 1 Rep Max calculator
● Body analytics and workout planner + tracker
● Social feed with fitness tips and community contests
● Share workout logs with your friends or personal trainer

1400+ exercises with HD videos demonstrations
● Barbell Dumbbell Machines Cable Band
● Cardio Elliptical Rowing Bike Swimming
● Static Movements Planks Stretching Abs
● Home Bodyweight Kettlebell Core
● Create your own custom training exercises

Benchmarking analysis and instructions
● Workout Exercise Audio tips
● Personalized charts to track progress
● Benchmark against other users or a gym buddy
● Weekly summaries of progress
● Personal PR log

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Gym Workout Plan & Log Tracker / What's New in v11.20 b831 (Elite)

- ☆Elite Membership Unlocked
☆Ads Layout removed/Ad activity Removed
☆Optimized Graphics/Zipaligned
☆Remove default .source name of java files;
☆Debug Info Removed
☆Mod by srajawwal09, with the help of @ill420smoker
Note-Some features are server-sided, so can't be modded
Ignore Expiring soon tag


- Fix exercise image scaling
- Chat room bug fixes
- Exercise details UI improvements
- Allow redeemed elite users to purchase subscriptions
- Advanced logging improvements
- UI/UX improvements
- Add block user function to the newsfeed popup menu
- Improve terms and privacy policy visibility
- Added new achievement badges
- Added a newsfeed for achievements earned
- Coach marketplace

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