LetterSchool - Learn to Write2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)

LetterSchool - Learn to Write v2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)

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LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)
Loading... LetterSchool - Learn to Write 2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)

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skill Courses Download LetterSchool the #1 abc alphabet tracing and handwriting app and watch your toddler evolve with this fun intuitive and educational game for pre-schoolers.

An app recommended and used by parents teachers and occupational therapists. Loved & played by more than 2 million toddlers and used at over 5000 preschools and kindergartens to teach handwriting to kids!

• Learn how to write all letters of the ABC English alphabet and the numbers 1-10.
• Play and discover 3 exciting game modes per letter or number!
• Practise essential phonics and writing skills.
• Learn WORDS associated with the letters!
• Have fun while tracing letters & phonics!

Intro - Discover the shape phonics name and sound of all the 26 letters of the alphabet as well as numbers 1-10!
Tap - Learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots in the correct order.
Trace – Learn the letter trajectory and direction of lines by tracing it.
Write - Test your knowledge by writing the ABC and numbers from memory!

The first 5 letters of the ABC alphabet (both upper case and lower case) as well as the first 5 numbers and geometric shapes are completely for free and can be played entirely (on 3 game steps). The entire alphabet can be purchased on a one-time bundle purchase (no subscriptions).

- Uppercase and lowercase letters + numbers 1-10 + geometric shapes!
- Two exciting levels: Silver and Gold (with new animations).
- Progress and settings stored for up to three players on the same device.
- In A-Z section specific graphics available to match the letters (e.g. ant graphic for letter A)
- Designed for tablets and smartphones!

- Kids want to have fun and LetterSchool offers an educational journey with the most engaging and entertaining educational material!
- They learn with various exciting animations graphics and sound effects.
- They learn to associate letters with words learn and memorize tracing directions and the correct formation of each character.
- Perfect for home-schooling kids and kindergartens. A friendly app for children with special educational needs.

- Choice of the three most popular typefaces in handwriting education (Handwriting Without Tears D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser)!
- Two levels where Golden Level allows tracking kids’ progress by displaying their exact letter writing.
- Engaging and compelling game mode prompting the child to trace a letter number or shape 3 times using different parameters (each step is more challenging).
- An educational app created together with parents and educational professionals.
- Extremely committed Customer Support ready to answer all questions and fix any issues!

LetterSchool is crafted with the greatest care for preschool kids & toddlers. Parents teachers and occupational therapists can use LetterSchool independently but schools that teach according to the Montessori principle can use LetterSchool as a source for their Montessori materials and methods as well.

Join LetterSchool on this exciting educational journey! Download the app and allow your toddler to discover the magical world of letters and words. Before you know it your kid will be writing the entire English alphabet!

For more reviews and information visit our website www.letterschool.com
If you have any question or suggestions please contact us at [email protected]
You can also check our FAQ page on www.letterschool.org/faq.

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LetterSchool - Learn to Write / What's New in v2.6.0 (Pro) (Armeabi-v7a)


Thanks for using LetterSchool! This update includes:
- The option to download and switch between 12 different languages!
- A menu that allows you to change your “learning language” and your “menu text” while playing.
- Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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