EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes9.3.0 (Paid)

EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes v9.3.0 (Paid)

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EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)
Loading... EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes 9.3.0 (Paid)

EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes / Description

EZ Notes is a niche notes app transforming the productivity and agility of countless lives worldwide. Enjoy incredible Mobility and Time Savings as EZ Notes SIMULTANEOUSLY Transcribes AND Saves voice notes with a single tap! Our proprietary engineering designs transcribe and instantly save voice notes to deliver you a profound mobile edge over all other notes apps. As the world continues becoming more fast-paced and agile EZ Notes remains uniquely poised as the indispensable tool for capturing on-the-fly notes wherever we are in whatever mobile situation under any time constraint!

EZ Notes is also a highly device-efficient and user-privacy (data preserving) notes app. EZ Notes customers prefer us since unlike free apps we don't collect their notes contacts GPS location or other personal data. With EZ Notes you benefit from award-winning (hands-free) voice notes class-leading rich-text notes advanced customizations and help support a notes app engineered with you and your privacy in mind.

☆ Hands-free (Speech-to-Text) voice notes
☆ EZ Notes is user privacy data respecting
☆ Add Modify Delete & Archive your notes
☆ Notes organizer with handy Folder notes
☆ Notepad with Rich-Text Editing on notes
☆ To-Do notes + share re-order and cross
☆ Powerful Canvas w/ S-pen sketch notes
☆ Notes with Priority Tags for your notes
☆ Editor inserts images photos sketches
☆ Share or receive notes from other apps
☆ Notes app with dynamic language picker
☆ Notes app has dynamic Themes Day/Night
☆ Notes app with Smooth Swiping features
☆ Swipe notes to auto Archive and Delete
☆ Automatic Trash bin stores deleted notes
☆ Many handy cloud options on your notes
☆ Notes app provides custom audio alerts
☆ Quick batch Exports of homepage notes
☆ Rapidly search and sort your EZ Notes
☆ Fun Sketching Tutorials for children
☆ Wireless Printing and PDF Conversion
☆ Grid / List view for enhanced viewing
☆ Notes App with ability for reminders
☆ Built-in FAQs & 24 x 7 tech support
☆ Notes app w/o sign-ups nor sign-ins
☆ EZ Notes provides stackview widgets
☆ Beautifully Modern Material Design

Pro Features:
✏️ Backup & Restore
Save file manually to Google Drive

✏️ Set infinite colors for your notes
Sets Editor color and Swipe Cards

✏️ Sketch function inside the Editor
Integrates the Canvas with Notes

✏️ Hands-Free voice record in Editor
Enables writing without typing

✏️ Remove Ads

EZ Notes contributions:
• Dynamic libraries courtesy Pranav Pandey
• S-pen Markers courtesy of Daniel Sandler
• Android RT-Editor courtesy of Apache 2.0

EZ Notes provides excellent support:
• Tech Support: [email protected]
• EZ Notes provides built-in FAQs notes
• EZ Notes priority support on Facebook
➙ http://tinyurl.com/jegk6ea

EZ Notes permissions notice:
Internet access – To display ads if applicable (the user has not subscribed).
Post notifications (Android 13 and above) – To show billing and share notifications.
Modify USB storage (Android 4.3 and below) – To save canvas drawings and for the backup & restore functionality.
EZ Notes uses the least Permissions of any Organizer of this class.

English Deutsch Español Français
Português Russkiy (Русский) العربية
Türkçe čeština Ελληνικά Polskie
中文 (简体) 中文 (繁體) Magyar

Thank you for supporting the hard working & talented team behind EZ Notes.
We continue years of full-time work and the countless hours that continue being invested into R&D Tech Support ISP services and related costs.

EZ Notes greatly values and thanks the support of our awesome Monthly Subscribers ❤️

Our Monthly Subscribers recognize how much effort has gone into EZ Notes; so they not only value EZ Notes but are helping support the ongoing efforts behind EZ Notes.

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EZ Notes - Notes Voice Notes / What's New in v9.3.0 (Paid)

@Nocna Furia

Added support for storing the note creation date.
Enhanced internal functionality to save notes efficiently.
Update the timestamp of a note only when content changes.
Show created and updated note info inside the editor.
Various bug fixes and improvements.

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