Snowboard Party: Aspen1.0.6

Snowboard Party: Aspen v1.0.6

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Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
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Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6
Loading... Snowboard Party: Aspen 1.0.6

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Snowboard Party is back and this time we are bringing you to the slopes of Aspen! Explore a new mountain with 9 brand new runs with perfect snowboarding conditions. Customize your rider with a choice of 100+ snowboards and 30+ outfits! Practice and improve your tricks on halfpipes rails and jumps. Compete in freestyle competitions to see how your skills rank with the pros of Aspen. Grab your crew grab your board it’s time to head to Aspen!

Freestyle is all about the tricks! The rider uses natural and man-made features such as rails jumps boxes logs rocks and innumerable other objects to perform the sickest tricks!

Go big or go home! Big air competitions are contests where riders perform tricks on massive jumps while going downhill at high speed. You have limited jumps so make them count!

Perform a wide range of tricks while going down some of the world’s biggest halfpipes. Chain multiple tricks in a row to gain more points and achieve a better score.

Every 4 hours you will have the opportunity to complete a new snowboarding challenge! Complete the bonus challenge to earn rewards lift tickets coins and exclusive gear.

Feel like a pro rider with our largest selection of gear yet! Choose from over 100 snowboards and 30 outfits to complement your rider’s tricks skills and style. Earn coins to spend on upgrading your rider stats unlock brand new boards and upgrade your outfits!

The more you ride the more your snowboarder will level up! With over 180 course objectives to complete there are many ways to earn rewards. Each level objective unlocks prize boxes containing coin rewards XP rewards and even exclusive gear! Access the trick bank trophy room to learn every trick in the game!

Ready to go above and beyond the pro level? Time to make a global name for yourself! Over 35 new global game achievements to complete and earn coins that will increase your rider’s status worldwide.

- Supports all the latest generation devices and optimized for high-resolution displays.
- High definition to provide the best experience in mobile action sports games.
- Fully customizable control system. You can adjust everything!
- 9 mountain courses to compete on.
- Snowboarding’s biggest events including freestyle halfpipe and big air.
- 180+ course objectives to complete
- 35+ global game achievements to complete.
- Trick bank trophy room to stomp every trick in the game!
- Bonus challenges every 4 hours to earn extra rewards!
- Customize your look with over 100 snowboards and 30 outfits!
- Play often to gain experience points and upgrade your snowboarder’s stats.
- Ability to purchase experience points or special items using in-app purchases.
- Available in the following languages: English French German Italian Spanish Russian Japanese Korean Portuguese and Chinese

Join the Snowboard Party community on Facebook!: http://bit.ly/snowfacebook

SUPPORT: http://www.maplemedia.io

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Snowboard Party: Aspen / What's New in v1.0.6

- Brand new tutorial for users to learn how to accomplish more in the game! If youre stuck, give the new tutorial a go and take your skills to the mountain!
- Small tweaks and adjustments to course objectives.
- Various bug fixes.

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