Dissembler1.0.29 (Paid)

Dissembler v1.0.29 (Paid)

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Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)
Dissembler 1.0.29 (Paid)

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Dissembler is a subtle puzzle game about unraveling bold abstract designs one color at a time.

If you’re a puzzle fan I can’t stress it enough — you need to play this game. -

Dissembler is one of those puzzle games that just feels good to play around with but it backs that simple joy with a solid spate of puzzles and gameplay modes. - Shaun Musgrave Touch Arcade

It's tough it's smart and its minimal art style leaves you with an uncluttered and engaging piece of pocket art. - Harry Slater Pocket Gamer

Flip pairs of tiles to make matching color groups vanish but that is where the resemblance to a standard match-three ends. In Dissembler no tiles will drop in to replace the ones you’ve matched: your task is to remove all tiles and leave behind a clean slate. The experience starts simply leading you gently from basic principles to more complex puzzles but before long it will require careful planning and lateral thinking.

■ Beautifully-presented minimalist puzzle game with chilled original soundtrack

■ Every one of the 120+ puzzles is a hand-made work of art with no randomness

■ Experiment freely – undo any number of moves at any time without any penalty

■ Buy once and enjoy forever – no in-app purchases!

■ Free daily puzzles plus step-by-step solutions revealed the next day

■ Infinite mode offers an endless play mode with online leaderboard

■ Color-blind mode makes Dissembler accessible to more players

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Fix bug with sound effects option not being saved

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