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There is an idea prevalent in today's 3D church design that in order to develop a sense of community more than just a five-minute fellowship ritual in the service a coffee hour in between services or potluck dinner afterwards is necessary for the parishioners' lives to genuinely intersect. Spaces are needed where the members of a church community can gather to share honestly about the journey in faith as Christian followers.

There are very profound implications for 3D church design architects when it comes to designing a church whether the church community is building a church home for the first time remodeling the structure they already have or are putting on an addition.

As few as 10 to 15 years ago the typical plans drawn up by a 3D church design architect contained a narthex/lobby area that was much smaller in size. The space acted more as a way to funnel members to other church spaces or to or from the exterior entry points. Under the old design although it was possible for members to stop and talk following service few actually did to avoid causing a traffic jam at key areas. Most would simply avoid the bottleneck and leave quickly to go and pick up the kids and go home immediately after service. Any discussions or other social interaction would have to wait for the potluck suppers to avoid crowding or standing in someone else's way.

The experienced 3D church design architect who understands the mechanisms needed to foster community now includes such things as:

Allowing for 7-10 square feet per person of space rather than the more traditional 3-5 square feet per person. Now church members can sit or stand and share what is going on in their life with friends without feeling rushed or that they are blocking someone else's way.

Wider corridors to allow for easier circulation between different ministry spaces that are well lit and integrated fully with modern information technologies. An experienced church design architect knows that the ease of movement between different ministry areas allows members to feel more relaxed rather experiencing a rush hour on a crowded expressway atmosphere.

Designing narthexes to accommodate multiple uses such as a space for limited luncheons/
banquets. The ability to plan for a meal and presentation with folks from a specific ministry becomes a real asset and a nice meal for 25-50 people can be accomplished without the need for setting up or heating and cooling a fellowship hall designed for 500.

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