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MTGDoctor 12.3.16
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Always Up to Date with the Latest Cards

Diagnose your Magic the Gathering (MtG) deck with MTG Doctor. Easily recreate your deck and diagnose it with tools like 'Mana Curve' 'Mana Distribution' 'Deck Distribution' and many more.

Check our blog for a lot more information about MTG Doctor (http://mtgdoctor.blogspot.com/)

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Great for Magic the gathering deck building. With 16 analysis tool and new ones added often it is great for getting all the information on your Magic the gathering deck.

Create Decks: Create your decks and populate it with any cards of your choice. You can even load previous champions decks simple press the menu button on the 'My Decks' screen and load away.

Sideboard: Build your sideboard alongside your deck. Transfer cards between your deck and sideboard to analyze the each different variation of your deck. 

Diagnose Tools
- Mana Curve
- Mana Distribution
- Deck Distribution
- Card Distribution
- Basic Land Distribution
- Power Curve
- Power Distribution
- Toughness Curve
- Toughness Distribution
- Draw Simulator with Mulligan
- Suggested Land Distribution
- Appraise Deck
- Card Odds
- Card Type Odds
- Legality Checker
- Rarity Dsitribution

Appraise Deck: You can now apprise your deck. Appraise individual cards. Buy both individual cards and your entire deck with a single click. Now includes Foil pricing.

Champion Decks Loader -Long click the 'Create Deck' button or press the menu key or hold the "Create Deck" button to access the Champion Deck loader.

Card Finder - Phoenix: Search for a MTG Card to get all the information on it. Filter the search based on mana. Search for multiple cards. No limits. You can search more than 1000 cards in a single search. Auto-complete enabled search for types and card names. Ease your deck building by narrowing your search by name type and text as well as mana types.

Battler Helper - Neo: Life counters roll a die flip a coin. All at your fingertips with the Battle Helper. Keep track of life planeswalkers and poison for as many players as you need.

Save Decks to SD: Save your decks to the SD card to upload into MTGO or send to your friends. On Long Click send your deck out to your friends via email.

Load Decks from SD: Load .txt .dec and .dek files from your SD card.

Booster Packs (Beta): Booster pack simulator. Simulate a booster pack and test your luck before getting the actual pack.

MTG Trader (Beta): Feature to improve the trading experience. Uses up-to-date prices to calculate the total cost of the trade. Color-coded total changes from red to green depending on whether the trader is beneficial for you or not.

Wishlist (Beta): Easily keep track of your wishlist. Uses pricing information to calculate the total cost of your wishlist.

MTG News: Stay up to date with the latest news about MTG.

Card Odds: See the odds of drawing a given card. Odds are highlighted green if you can cast the spell at the given turn.

Card Type Odds: See the odds of drawing a given type of card at a given turn.

New Usage:
On Long Click/Tap on each individual bar of the Mana Curve Power Curve and Toughness Curve will allow you to view all the cards that fall in each category.During Search Card Edit Add Card and Draw Simulation will allow you to access the Gatherer site from Wizards of the Coast.

Magic the Gathering FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast Inc a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. All rights reserved. This app is unaffiliated. Icons for the file picker provided by Iconza: http://www.iconza.com/

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MTGDoctor / What's New in v12.3.16

MTG Doctor v12.3.16
- Fixed fuse card issue.

Special Thanks to Joshua Velez for reporting this issue.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MTG-Doctor/270349676417815

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