Greyscale - Substratum Theme2.9 (Patched)

Greyscale - Substratum Theme v2.9 (Patched)

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Greyscale - Substratum Theme / Specifications

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Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)
Greyscale - Substratum Theme 2.9 (Patched)

Greyscale - Substratum Theme / Description

Greyscale is dark substratum theme which allows you to set Gradient Background and Gradient Accent colors !!

It has 12 sets of accent and 10 sets of background colors which allows you to set both the colors in the gradient for both backgrounds and accents !!
60+ apps are themed on the initial release with more to follow.

Other features include high quality vector icons custom status bar icons and 2 custom made nav bars. The theme also has additional fonts beautiful wallpapers and a custom made boot animation to complete the package.

Theme supports :

• Nougat Custom Roms
• Oreo 8.1 Stock
• Oreo 8.1 Custom Roms

ATTENTION : Theme does not support OOS and Samsung

You need Greyscale Accents Plugin to change the accent colors
Find it here : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=substratum.greyscale.plugin

How to :

1) Check if your device meets the conditions and install Substratum theme engine

2) Open Greyscale inside substratum after giving it required permissions

3) Select the OS version on the top and apply theme according to your preference and reboot

4) Install Greyscale Accents Plugin from above link and apply the accent colors following the similar steps above

Full list of Themed apps : http://bit.ly/themed_apps

If you encounter any sort of problems contact me via email Google+ or Telegram instead of giving a bad rating. Links can be found in the description.

Join the support community on G+ for fast updates and support : http://bit.ly/3volveCommunity

For further support and updates follow me on Google+

Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+SreeragAg7
Email : [email protected]

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Greyscale - Substratum Theme / What's New in v2.9 (Patched)

• Added ADM pro
• Added Adaway
• Added Flud pro
• Added more Settings icons
• Updated Google App to 8.13
• Updated Google Phone to 22.0
• Updated Instagram to 56.0
• Updated Photos to 3.25.0
• Updated YouTube to 13.29
• Updated Whatsapp to 2.18
• Updated Gmail to 8.17.15
• Updated Drive to 2.18
• Updated Playstore to 11.1
• Updated G Calendar to 5.8

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