MlesTalk1.0.18 (Paid)

MlesTalk v1.0.18 (Paid)

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MlesTalk 1.0.18 (Paid)
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MlesTalk / Description

MlesTalk is a real-time character-by-character messenger between two or more users on a same channel. Instead of just seeing the finalized messages see how everyone on the same channel write their messages character by character. Avoid centralized services like Messenger or WhatsApp have a freedom to pick freely the server to connect to.

In addition to username and channel you'll need to pick a shared key with other channel users. The key provides lightweight security for the messages on the channel. You can share your channel with friends without MlesTalk easily with provided QR-code or link!

Retro-feeling for those Unix-era users who remember the magnificent Talk program.

During 2018 10 % of all MlesTalk profits are donated to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) defending our rights in the digital world.

Connectivity is based on open Mles-Websocket protocol. Please see http://mles.io/app for more information.

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MlesTalk / What's New in v1.0.18 (Paid)

* Add support for QR code to MlesTalk web client - share channel easily with friends who do not yet have MlesTalk installed!
* Changed Join and Send buttons to arrow symbols
* Fixed web client token creation process
* Fixed reconnection handling with QR code

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