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With Satfinder 2019 you can set up your satellite antenna quickly and easily in four simple steps:

Select one of the three types of antennas:
- Offset antennas (the most common is slightly oval the LNB is not in the middle)
- Flat or planar antenna (small camping antennas)
- Parabolic antenna or satellite dish (rare typically larger than 100 cm)
If you have an offset antenna enter the height and width of the antenna.
If you know the exact name of your antenna check to see whether it is already in the database.

The quickest and easiest way to find a suitable satellite is to press the AUTO button. The SatFinder will automatically seek satellites in your range and that broadcast TV channels or radio stations in your language (according to the language settings of your iPhone). The number of stars in the chart (1-10) stand for the number of radio stations and TV channels offered as well as the reception at your current location.
If you would like to find a specific satellite simply shut off AUTO. Now you can browse through the table and choose a satellite. An even faster way is with the search function – just enter the name or orbit position of your satellite. You can also reduce the number of entries in the chart by hiding the satellites that are not available at your location or do not broadcast content in your language.
Tip: Using the Channel info button you can check which channels the selected satellite is currently broadcasting – including all channel parameters for your satellite receiver.

To ensure smooth reception there should not be any obstructions between the satellite and your satellite antenna. You can check using the View function. Simply point at the satellite and watch for the signs (GREEN – no obstructions RED – caution clear view may not be possible).

In the menu item Align different images will appear depending on the type of antenna selected. If you are using an offset antenna you have to set the azimuth and the elevation separately. For planar and parabolic antennas both angles can be adjusted at once. Before you press the Start button a video clip will show you how to position your iPhone on the antenna.

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