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Planet Finder + v4.41

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Planet Finder + / Specifications

  • Price: Paid
  • Added Date: January 09, 2017
  • Requires Android: 2.2 and up
  • Developer: JtApps
  • Size: 10.03 MB
  • Category: Education
  • Version: 4.41
  • Version history: Planet Finder +

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Planet Finder + 4.41

Planet Finder + / Description

Planet Finder + is an advanced Augmented Reality Camera allowing you to spot the planets as well as stars and galaxies. It's also an advanced Astronomy Compass providing quick orientation of visible objects in your night sky. Navigate away from the solar system by activating the starship engines and discover stars the milky way galaxies superclusters and the faintest objects at the universe edge!
You'll get:

·  Astronomy Planetarium with the planets 301 brightest stars and 10 closest stars 10 brightest and 10 closest galaxies.
· Camera can be switched on / off
· Search and track celestials
· Switch between automatic orientation (sensors) and manual orientation (touch and rotate / move screen)
· Choose to display 328 51 or 1 stars galaxies (sun and the planets)
· Plan your observations by time travelling the night sky 24 hours via the player interface
· Capture screen and share via facebook twitter email ...
· Switch to compass module

·  Astronomy compass with 10 different celestial types (navigation between celestial types is 100% configurable)
·  My Sky: Unleash your creativity! Create your own compass view with your favorite celestials!
·  Solar system: positions of the planets the Sun the Moon and Pluto
·  Brightest stars: positions of the 10 brightest stars
·  Closest stars: positions of the 10 closest stars
·  Milkyway: structure of the milkyway (the milkyway arms the center the inner buldge and bar)
·  Brightest Galaxies: positions of the 10 brightest galaxies
·  Closest Galaxies: positions of the 10 closest galaxies
·  Closest Galaxy groups: positions of the 10 closest galaxy groups
·  Closest Superclusters: positions of the 10 closest superclusters
·  Universe edge: 10 furthest celestials observed in our universe

·  Automatic orientation (sensors) or manual orientation of compass
·  Real time information about all celestials
·  Real time information about the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn
·  Real time information about the number of sunspots
·  3D display of the Solar System planets the Moon and Pluto
·  3D display of most Solar System satellites
·  Rise transit and set times all celestials
·  Player interface to pause rewind and fast forward all celestials
Extremely easy! Just launch the application to obtain an instant overview of the planets surrounding you. You're in the middle of the screen on Earth and the planets are being displayed around you. If a planet is above the Compass Ring and is highlighted it's visible. If the planet is below the Compass Ring towards the center of the Earth it is shadowed and below your horizon. The same applies to all the other celestial types. Activate your starcraft engines and quickly travel around in the universe.

Planet Finder + comes with an advanced Augmented Reality Camera: Just point your phone to the sky and Planet Finder + will instantly switch to Augmented Reality Mode. Spot planets and stars through your mobile camera take a snapshot and share via facebook email twitter or MMS!

Interact with the Augmented Reality View by activating its Player. Play pause rewind and fast forward the Solar System. This will render the trajectories of the planets and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

You can also track planets stars and galaxies. Just follow the direction of the arrows and you'll spot your object in seconds!

Switch back to 2D Compass or Text View by lowering your mobile phone. Get more detailed information by touching a celestial item in the textlist.

Hit the 3D Planet icon for a detailed 3D view of planet/moon texture and check out the real time positions of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Hit the RTS icon to display the planets rise/transit/set times or get the current number of sunspots by hitting the Sun 3D icon. Access the latest static information by tapping the Wiki icon.

(You'll need android version > 4.0.3 in order to use the camera in augmented reality mode.)

Planet Finder + / What's New in v4.41

version 4.41
Bug fixes for augmented reality view (rel to search celestials and AR cam)
version 4.4
New search and track feature added to augmented reality view. Its a lot easier now to search and find your favorite celestials!
Improved sensor readings with google fusion algorythm that you can choose to use.
version 4.3
customize the compass with mysky celestial configuration
new textures for dwarf planet pluto and its moon charon

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