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Modern architecture does not begin with the revolution not with the throw arrived – arrive pre modern geometric and replaced it with the other one – as a way of architecture but phase out abolishing ornament – ornaments and decor was replaced by geometry. Modern architecture is known to have evolved more or less half a century starting approximately 1920 to 1960 and in September 1930 has held a Congressional by CIAM that produce method of thinking rationally to rebuild buildings – buildings are destroyed by World War II. In this case they apply speed in building (building component manufacturers) efficient economical and rational. Its emphasis on rationality. Such a building is considered to reflect their function and these symptoms across countries and cultures so that it can be considered internationally.

Modern architecture has the view that architecture is a ' sport ' and not think ' sports taste ' (1750) and ' game room ' instead of ' form '. In line with the technological advances of rapid influenced architecture. The emergence of the technology of building materials that support modern architecture. For example the glass can be used to express a space or spaces. Because of its characteristics – ' there but invisible '. In addition to realizing the speed in building then done with mass production of building materials resulting in modern architecture can penetrate the limits of culture and geography and architecture into an international style buildings – buildings in the world to become uniform.

If you wish to obtain visual information about modern architecture take a look at our modern architecture of the application. Our modern architecture application at which point the contemporary architecture you'll find examples of great design and stylish ideas. Download our app now modern architecture and enjoy.

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