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Stargon Browser v1.3.5

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Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5
Loading... Stargon Browser 1.3.5

Stargon Browser / Description

Stargon Browser is a web browser with over 30 different functions. Experience the unique and convenient features of Stargon.


- Unique UI
Unique browser UI and transparent Bottom Navigation are available.

- Bookmarks Import & Export
You can back up or restore bookmarks.

- Night Mode
Reduce eye fatigue and increase battery performance.

- Gestures
Gestures allow you to go for/backward and refresh.

- Font change
You can specify the internal font you want on your web page.

- Ad blocking
You can block ads from websites you do not like and you can save data from ad images.

- Image blocking mode
If it's not Wi-Fi you can block the image.

- Multi-image Downloader
You can download and share many photos easily and conveniently.

- Video Downloader
You can download and store the videos you are currently watching. (Digital rights management (DRM) release function is not included.)

- Download archive
You can quickly check downloaded pictures or videos.

- Image Capture
Full Capture: Captures the entire web page.
Continuous Capture: Simple and fast continuous capture is possible.
Partial Capture: Captures some of the web pages you are currently viewing.

- Image Search
Image Search lets you find similar images or search for high resolution images of the current image.

- Copy and paste images
You can copy images you are currently viewing on the web and upload them to other sites.

- Secret mode
In Secret mode visitors' history and other information is not stored.

- Browser Lock
You can apply it to your browser separately from your phone lock.

- Translation
Provides Google translation system. When you surf a foreign site do not feel the language difficulty and surf it conveniently.

- Premium Uploader
The built-in uploader system makes editing and uploading images easy and convenient.

- Image Editor
Easily edit and upload photos right when uploading. 18 different filters and precisely adjustable system. And editing systems that can crop and mosaic images.

- Text Editor
Documents created with a text editor are saved as images so they can be easily shared in the cloud or e-mail and can also be used as sns or internet meme.

In addition there are various systems such as bookmarks history desktop mode video player forced screen magnification link protection and download protection.

■ Required permissions

■ Optional permissions
- Location: The purpose of providing the location information requested from the web page in use.
- Storage: When downloading from Web page save to download folder and for various editing functions.
- Camera: Purpose of providing web page shooting function.

Android 6.0 or later: Go to Settings> Apps> Select Permissions> Permission list> Select whether to grant or revoke access.
Under Android 6.0: Upgrade your operating system to revoke access or remove apps.

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Stargon Browser / What's New in v1.3.5

1. Ads have been removed from the app.
2. Web font change function has been added.
3. Fixed other known bugs.

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