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This app for large screen device when and navigation bar panel is not working

>> Navigation bar which is for those people who has large screen tab or device and also when device navigation bar panel is not working properly.

>> The app consists of Trigger Spot and Pie Controls that shows up when Trigger Spot is pressed. Both of them are able to fade off automatically when you do not need it.
It can be easily placed anywhere along the edges of the screen by drag and drop. The location of Trigger Spot can be set for landscape and portrait orientations respectively.

>> Navigation Bar Buttons can save your physical button from damage. and it can be used to replace a damagedbroken and unresponsive buttons for those people who had problems using physical buttons.

>> This "Navigation Bar" app provides you to best features and colorsthemes to make awesome navigation bar.It is easy to swipe up and down navigation bar as assistive touch.
this app have a nice little navigation bar which you can place anywhere on screen for easy access. with that you can control your mobile with simple finger gesture.

>> Navigation Bar Tools allow you to add colors that matches to the currently opened app color scheme. You can also add images that you like in the Navbar. And last but not least you can add a battery level bar in the Navigation bar also.

>> This bottom navigation bar to easily use it. The navigation bottom is back button for touch mobile and custom navigation bar - navigation bar customize.
The home back button app is most popular app in play store. The home back button key is navigation bar animation most popular.

>> The home button and back button lock of control navigation bar. This is simple control navigation bar and simple navigation control of navigation bar background.
It use simple control defense is one type of touch control. This custom navigation bar is soft key of this application.

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